two more decks in the Swedish meta

Eksem from Svenskamagic have completed his deck, and it looks sweet. Don't know about the Atogs, but I guess he have a better view on how they will work in an actual match. Sweet red aggro deck anyways.

Also, Jokemon seems to be getting closer and closer to a complete deck (from what I can count, it looks like he's missing 8 lands and a sideboard for his deck)

Sweet decks, and nice to see people getting invested in the format that after all represent the best period in Magic the Gatherings history.


  1. It is complete =) The lands are there in a pile, and I choose not to show the sideboard to hide my sweet tech.

  2. Who said Magic was fair? ;)

  3. True. If magic where a fair game, we would first need to define fair, and then remove the random factor I guess.

    And yes, there's a reason why we play magic and not chess. =)


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