g/f pimping my collection

My girlfriend are into scrapbooking and alterations of different kinds. About a month ago she watched a video on youtube where somebody altered a binder for Artist Trading Cards, and my girlfriend obviously found it to be very cool and wanted to try it out, and learn how to do it.

Lucky her that I have several binders for my magic cards =P So, now she's on a mission to pimp them up. Down here you can see the result. =)

The first two binders. My green binder and the binder for my planeswalkers.

The side of the green binder.

A better look on the front of the green binder.

And lastly, a closer look on the planeswalker binder.

Now there's only 2 blue binders, 2 black binders, 1 white binder, 1 red binder, 1 artifact binder, 1 multicolor binder, 1 land binder and 1 93/94 binder left to be pimped up. =)