fredag 26 april 2013

Machine Head Ponza

I don't really remember when or how, but many years ago I read about a deck that was noted to have "playsets of both Juzam and Birds" ("birds" not "bop", as in the mid 90's people hadn't invented abbreviations yet; wog was still referred to as wrath and no one called wheel of fortune "wof" or something like that). As I recall, the deck was called Machine Head, a name that now implies a red-black deck, but back then created images of Terminator Juzam in my head.

This n00bcon, a real old school hero showed me how it's done with his interpretation of old school land destruction. Roland Johansson have played this game since Legends, and he's been a mainstay in the Gothenburg eternal community. Roland defeated yours truly in the finals of the Gothcon Vintage tournament in 2007 (that game was decided by a coinflip btw, as both of us wanted to sleep), and also put me out of contetion for top8 at n00bcon 2012 when I missed a Chaos Orb flip on his Sengir Vampire. Apart from having an undefeated streak against me when it comes to flipping stuff, he also have a great appreciation for both the game and it's history. It always sweet to see him play, and he rarly plays less than 4 Juzams when possible.

Note the singleton Desert Twister in his decklist, and the Titania's Songs in the sideboard. Good stuff.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Nice one. How did the deck perform at N00bcon?


    P.S: It seems that currently we are neighbors, as I'm living in Munich-Schwabing as well (Parzivalstraße). :) Though I'll be moving to Thalkirchen in a few weeks.

  2. The deck went 2-1-2 in the swiss.

    I'll be in Munich until May 10th, however I'll be flying away both of the weekends before that. If you have a deck and want to play a short game (or just meet up for a beer as long as I'm in the country), I'd be glad to meet up :) Send me a mail and we'll work something out.