n00bcon 9 top8

Hashi's Disaster. 1st place.
Icelander's The Deck. 2nd place.
Cermak's UWG Zoo. 3-4th place.
Mr Sinclair's The Deck. 3-4th place.
Martin Lindström's Deck. 5-8th place.
Anton Glans's UW Skies. 5-8th place.
Langraf's The Deck. 5-8th place.

Gordon's UR Burn. 5-8th place.


  1. What are the books in Martin Lindstrom's picture?

  2. I guess it is a really accurate depiction for a "pile of restricted cards plus four tomes"

  3. It's the German edition of the complete works of J.W. von Goethe from 1834 ;) But yeah, they are representing a pile of restricted cards and 4 Tomes.


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