Top8 BSK 2013

Brorsan's White Weenie. 1st place.
Oldschool's Powetwist Dream. 2nd place.

Jokemon's Burn'em Blue. Place 3-4.

Axelsson's Berserk Beatdown. Place 3-4.

Jhovalking's 4c Machine Head. Place 5-8.

Mg's Project M. Place 5-8.

Freespace's 5c Machine Head. Place 5-8.

Elof's Book Deck. Place 5-8.


  1. Brorsans WW was a though match, to bad i lost against him in the endgame, cuz i did manage to beat both Jokemon and Oldschools deck Before the cut , nice to see maby half of swedens Juzams and Berserks in this tournament // Jhovalking

  2. What is in the sideboard for the Berserk Beatdown?

    1. It's the 15 cards after the basic lands, starting with the 4th Erhnam and ending with the last Blood Moon.

  3. Oh, I missed that you could leave comments here 8/

    But yeah, MG is right about the sideboard 8)



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