Arvika Festival 2016 top8

Mällroth's Lestree Zoo. 1st Place.
Thomas's Power Monolith. 2nd place.
KungMarkus's Toolbox Murderers. 3rd place.
Hasthi's Dead Guy Ale. 4th place.
Audun's Abyss Aggro. 5-8th place.
Elof's Bounce Control. 5-8 place.
Emil's Distress. 5-8th place.
Gordon's CounterBurn. 5-8th place.


  1. I think i finished 4th, not 5-8th. not that i matter to mutch though ;)

    1. Sorry about that, fixed it :) You also went something like 6-0 in the swiss right? Strong performance from the Dead Guys!


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