The Plague: An invitation from Daniel Ewald

"Should you a Rat to madness tease

Why ev'n a Rat may plague you..."

—Samuel Coleridge, "Recantation"

Theodor Severin Kittelsen, born in Norway in 1857, was a legendary artist and illustrator, made famous mainly by his vivid illustrations to folk- and fairy tales collected by authors Asbjørnsen and Moe, as well as his illustrated book on the Black Plague, published in 1900.
If Kittelsen was born a hundred years later, he would surely be sought after as a fantasy illustrator to games and collectibles such as Magic: the Gathering. His style was way ahead of its time, some of his works would undoubtedly fit the theme of dungeons, dragons and decay perfectly. What could be a better backdrop to a tournament theme? 

The Plague will be the biggest Old School Magic: the Gathering tournament in Norway to date. Set in the epic locale of Spiralen, a cafe and restaurant built on a hilltop overlooking Drammen city, reached by a spiraling tunnel road carved into the mountain, built in the 1960s. We cannot think of a better location.

What to expect?

Epic scenery. Local brews. Food. Antique cardboard. Scandinavians. Madness, prizes and surprises. Metal? Metal.
We will run a full day tournament on Saturday, October 8th. Registration and arrangements are done in Be sure to sign up! So far, we are approximately forty players and counting! 

On Friday, October 7th we will host side events in Old School Cube and AB4000 (Alpha-Beta only, Elfvalley Cup style). These events will be set in locations appropriate for the amount of players.
If you are planning to visit Norway for card slinging this year, Drammen in October is the place to be. We look forward to welcoming you all!

Black plague playmat - one of a kind. Complete with acid stains.

First place gets a two-player themed playmat, with lots of space for signatures and greetings.

The stream table playmat.

The café area.

Outside view.

The spiral (rainbow?) road.

There will be blood.


  1. Looking forward to visiting Drammen!

  2. I wonder if mono black Distress will make an appearance to match the flavor of the event!

    1. Haha, have you been spying on my tech? ;)

    2. It's been my pet deck ever since reading the Joypad Open post. Good fun!


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