Yeah, I'm doing this announcement two weeks before the tournament. What of it? I presume that if you are the kinda reckless wizard to join, you are the kinda reckless wizard to spontaneously travel to Sweden on two weeks notice.

I could bother you with the history of 40K Magic. There surely are stories from that road. But anecdotes and bluffs are not what this is about. Still, in the history of 40K, intense and reckless stories are intimately linked with n00bcon after dark. A time when wizards have been drinking for twelve hours plus, the top8 is afoot, and the players who lost out in the swiss are looking for a way to boil their blood. Real wizardry. Real stakes. As Garfield Nintendo.

This year, we're making it official. Sometime around midnight, at the n00bcon site, we will host the first World Championship of 40K Magic. Everyone who dares is invited.

Deck construction rules

  • We follow the "Swedish B&R" as well as the original reprint policy (i.e. only English cards, no reprints after Unlimited, no CE/IE nor other proxies).
  • All cards referencing the ante mechanic are legal. In addition to the cards noted as restricted in the B&R, Bronze Tablet will also be restricted during this tournament.
  • In addition to offical cards, the following "ante-cards" are legal:
    • Mox Crystal (1st and 2nd 5-color printing, 1st UK "Alpha" printing)
    • Franky (5-color printing) 
  • The deck must have a market price of at least 40,000 SEK (approx €4,000 or $4,300) according to either TCGPlayer or CardMarket.
  • As Franky and Mox Crystal have no official market price, they are counted as being worth 0 SEK for deck building purposes. (Yes, I know that they tend to sell for quite a bit more than zero when they do hit the market. But hey, this is 40K.)
  • You may bring up to 10 additional cards to add to your deck during the course of the tournament, to replace cards you lose in the ante. I shall henceforth refer to this pile as the Side-deck, to slightly annoy Mano.

Tournament rules

  • Matches in the Swiss are best-of-one. No sideboard is used.
  • All games are played for ante.
  • If you are about to lose ownership of a card, it is customary to sign and/or alter it before you let go of it. 
  • Cards lost during a game can be replaced by cards from your Side-deck between matches, as long as it is before pairing is announced. So feel free to bring along some extra Jeweled Birds.
  • You are allowed to start a game with a deck with less than 60 cards, as long as the cards missing are cards you lost ownership of during the tournament.
  • You may add any cards you gain ownership of during the tournament to your deck. This may break restriction rules for the tournament. (e.g. if you win a Strip Mine, you may now play with 2 Strip Mines for the duration of the tournament)
  • After the swiss, the tournament will have a Top4 to determine the eventual winner.

I bought a ridiculously large trophy for the winner, one that dwarfs the trophy for the n00bcon Champion. But the real sweet thing, apart from immortal glory, is that the winner gets to design their own card to be allowed in 40k.

Following the 5-color tradition, the winner of the 40K World Championship gets to design their own card, which will then be legal in 40K (as long as the card has a resonable power level). Everybody who participated in the tournament will get five copies of the new card sent to them once they are printed.


Q: Why is the format called 40K?

A: So that plebs will confuse it with Warhammer. Also to highlight the minimum price tag for a deck.

Q: What happens to cards i lose ownership of?

A: I'm not sure I understand the question. You lose ownership of them? 

Q: Is this a joke? I mean, it is April 1st today.

A: No. I mean, no on the "is this a joke?" part, but you are correct on the date.


  1. Svar
    1. Haha, I know you do ;) Stole the picture without remorse.

  2. PS: Why is it allowed to play with less than 60 cards if you have a Säid-Deck?

    1. Solid point. Maybe that should only be allowed if you don't bring a side-deck?


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