Schedule 2.0

First of all, let's give a huge shout out to Team South Africa who once again won the Oldschool World Cup in London yesterday! Back-to-back winning a gathering of that repute is no fluke, and this one marked the largest oldschoolmtg event in the UK yet. I was personally kinda rooting for what I would call "Team Endboss" (Martin Lindström, Olle Råde and Svante Landgraf from Sweden), but I can't really deny that South Africa deserved the win once again. Well played, and looking forward to seeing some reports. Until then, I simply stole this picture from facebook:

Speaking of the World Cup, during that event the Brothers of Fire unveiled the first Scryings spoiler (once again I'm stealing images from facebook).

Good stuff. The Brothers actually had a couple of spoilers for the event, but opted to do them one at a time and only revealed one yesterday. That, in combination with a pretty solid interest in participating in the spoiler season, gives us an updated schedule with some more players. So from now until December, we'll have at least one spoiler every other day, and from December until the boosters starts cracking there will be one each day. Again, the dates aren't fully set in stome and it's possible that one or another may come a day early or late, but this should be pretty close to the truth:

11 nov.   Music City Oldschool
13 nov.   Argivian Restoration
15 nov.   Mike van Dyke (Beasts of the Bay)
16 nov.   Jimmy Cooney (at Sarpadian Cup)
17 nov.   BetaSedgeTroll
18 nov.   Brothers of Fire
19 nov.   Dwarven Warriors
21 nov.   Urborg Buffet
22 nov.   Unlimited Adventures
23 nov.   Raging Bull Series
25 nov.   AlphaBetaOldschool
26 nov.   Mtg_Gbg
27 nov.   GeoCities of Brass
28 nov.   OS95 Team
29 nov.   Shuffle, Cut, Ante
30 nov.   Stockholm in a Bottle
1 dec.     @bigpappyj
2 dec.     Gaea's Avengers OS Assembly
3 dec.     End of turn, draw a card
4 dec.     Premodern Magic
5 dec.     Brothers of Fire
7. dec.    Tales from la Tundra
8 dec.     Raging Bull Series
9 dec.     Oldschooltutor
10 dec.   Wak-Wak
11 dec.   Austrian Lions (via Urborg Buffet)
12 dec.   The Sentinel
13. dec.  @Oldschoolmtg
14 dec.   Knights of Thorn (at Gathering the Knights of Thorn)
14 dec.   Spice Files (booster)
15 dec.   Fishliver Oil Crew
16 dec.   All Tings Considered (booster)
18 dec.   52-week Beta (booster)
20 dec.   Flippin' Orbs (booster)
21 dec.   NOSMTG (at Christmas Tournament stream)
22 dec.   Timmy Talks (booster)
24 dec.   Oldschool Blag
28 dec.    Sealed event, streamed at Wak-Wak's Twitch channel

The spoilers will be collected at this page a day or so after they have been first revealed. If the schedule gets updated again, I'll simply edit this post.

In a couple of days we'll have a tournament report from the Scandinavian Championship winner right here on the blag, but before then I'll probably be refreshing Music City Oldschool and Argivian Restoration to see what they say about their spoilers, and eagerly await a World Cup report at Brothers of Fire.

Congrats again to Team South Africa, and happy spoiler season!


  1. this is where the spoiler from the Gaea's Avengers Oldschool Assembly will spoil


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