Some answers about next weekend

April is the cruellest month, breeding
Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
Memory and desire, stirring
Dull roots with spring rain.

 -T.S. Eliot, The Waste Land

April is here, and with it Easter and the Oldschool World Championship. A murder of ragtag jesters and spell slingers gathering in Gothenburg. Whatever it may lack in order and sanction, it makes up for in panache and recklessness. This is oldschool oldschool. April 19th Rotary Pub hosts the 12th annual Easter gathering in 93/94, and the 11th annual n00bcon. Like most times before, we will break some records.

I've been getting a lot of messages about the how, what and whens of the tournament(s), so I used my l33t h4xxor skills and put up a web page with some info.

While the page could once upon a time be described as "rad", it isn't super user friendly (no WCAG 2.0), so I'll just recap the most common quandaries here.

How many people are at the main event?
The Rotary Pub caps at 120 players. However, our glorious friend Christian from Legion Urborg in Switzerland took it upon him to host another tournament at the same time as n00bcon in Gothenburg for some people that didn't get a spot at the main site. Because it's sweet, we decided that whomever wins the swiss at that tournament will be shuttled up to Rotary to join the Top8 at n00bcon. This sister tournament (The Urborg Feast) capped at 50 players (I think). So there are around 170 guys battling for the Shark.

World Championship you say? Who's representing then?
The main event players hail from a little more than 40 communities. Depending on how we count, there are somewhere around 20 nationalities represented, but I find it more interesting to look at communities rather than countries. Like, is Jason, who lives in Serbia, actually representing the US like the rad website hints? Is Jordan Boyle representing South Africa or Great Britain? Does anyone actually care about those borders anyway? The most represented group this year is probably Brothers of Fire (UK) with six players.

Sounds rad, I want to come and watch and grab a beer! 
I've probably answered messages about this over a hundred times now, and I feel like a douche bag every time, but the answer is unfortunately no. No visitors. If you're not an already registered player, there's simply not room for you in the pub, the space is stretched thin. And I don't want to make exceptions based on nepotism. So please accept this, and check out the rad stream instead.


Time: 1.30pm CET (4.30am PDT & 7.30pm EDT)

For more info, check out the wak-wak website.  

Wizards' Tournament Etiquette
At Wizards' Tournament, try to avoid using smartphones as much as possible. It is frowned upon to focus on your phone (filming, tweeting, etc) instead of the magic around; more so at WT than at any other tournament during the weekend. If in doubt about what is good etiquette, ask yourself if what you're doing would be doable in 1993, and ask if Jason Schwarz would do it in your shoes ;)

I am worried someone might steal my cards!
I don't really know how to respond to this. Cards have never been lost or damaged here before, and I personally wouldn't worry too much, but please note that no one but yourself can take responsiblity for the cards or memorabilia you bring. If you are uncomfortable bringing a certain portion of your collection to the tournament, you could always bring something else.

What's the prize support at the World Championship? 
The prize structure is a Giant Shark for the winner. The "EV" is horrible.

Actual first prize.

What other Old School tournaments are there during the Easter?
This may be an incomplete list, but these are the ones I have information about right now:

Wednesday 17th
Ice Age block at GG Bar!

Thursday 18th
* The Wizards' Tournament II (
* Premodern #1 at Gothcon
* ...I've heard whispers about a 93/94 tournament at an hotel as well.

Friday 19th
* Old School World Championship at n00bcon 11 (
* Urborg Feast! (

We will also crown the champions of the Ryder Cup, ÄGGHÖVVETURNERINGEN, and presumably some 40K format weirdness this friday.

Saturday 20th
* Hövveturneringen! ("The main event") (
* Saturday Smash (
* Brothers Highlander (Via Brothers of Fire)
* National Vintage Championships at GothCon

Sunday 21st!
* ABU Block Party (
* Premodern #2 at GothCon

If you have any more questions, feel free to comment here, or ask in one of the facebook groups for the specific tournaments.

So this will be a sweet weekened. Gathering a bunch of rad people with gnarly cards and tubular beer is bound to be groovy. We play because we like the game and enjoy the company, simple as that.

I'm really looking forward to see a bunch of you guys in a week! You make this awesome.


  1. I really hope all you guys have a great time - and also hope to be able to join you one day. Keep the true spirit alive! I'll be sure to check out the stream - if Gordon goes hard as he did last year he may not want to play that closing match... Happy Easter to all you apocalypse dudes!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I believe that we might be in for a rough time around round 7 or so...


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