Fall Cleaning

I had a few different topics going for this week. For one, I recently played a new 93/94 cube at a local tournament in Oslo. Broke the three-cube winning streak by getting bested by the glorious Thomas Nilsen in the finals.
Dude got me with Power Monolith Combo and Earthquake. That's some solid limited tech.
I also met up with Hardy some weeks ago for a proper "Dadgic" showdown. That was a new experience.
New School in so many ways.
And just this Friday I had the pleasure to meet one-on-one with one of Oslo's newest slingers for tech, beer, and some monogreen shenanigans.
But, in the spirit of the season here, I figured it was time for me to do some fall cleaning on the blog. It has been a while, and there are a lot of strange things here if one would be inclined to look deep. But for those not having a weekend to sleuth around for tech among the 400 or so pages, I figured it could be nice to have some sort of index page. Sure, the Decks to Beat section contains around 350 decks, but those are by design decks that are a fairly solid tier, and fun stuff happen when we start looking at the lower tiers as well. Also, those decks mostly only have a single picture, and some history may around the cards could be interesting. So now we have a "proof of concept" page where we collect most of the blog posts focused on a particular deck, sorted by some sort of archetype. So check out the "Deck Techs" like in the left sidebar, and feel free give me any feedback on improvements.

Also updated the external links in the right sidebar btw, so give me a heads up if you have another page you think should be added.


  1. I love this. I’ve read the blog over the years and remember reading a ton of fun decks, but could never find them again for the life of me. Thank you for organizing this!


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