n00bcon 11 and The Wizards' Tournament II

I'll keep it short today, as the main news are in another castle. Some players have been asking me about invite allocations for n00bcon 11 next year, so I deployed the website for the 2019 championship a little earlier than last year. You can find it at www.n00bcon.com.
The invite allocations have, perhaps expectedly, been tight this year. This time I distributed them all from the start, so right now I personally don't have any left to give out. The people with "To Be Disclosed" (TBD) invites at the lineup page have access to invites that haven't been reported yet, so those are the best bets to hit you up if you are interested in joining. All of the content creator invites haven't been confirmed either, so if something opens up we might have a few there. Right now, Music City Oldschool, Liga Catalana, Dice City Games, Finland, Weismann/Chang and Brothers of Fire are currently in the front of that bench, but feel free to give a heads up if you want me to add you or your community to the proverbial list. Also note that n00bcon is a dense gathering in a trashy pub where you best case win a Giant Shark, so you may not have to feel too bad if you are unable to secure a spot after all. Some really nice people will be there though :)
Wizards' Tournament II, by Antonio Rodríguez
The day before n00bcon, we'll host The Wizards' Tournament II; a gathering in proper old school Magic. Alpha is the only legal set, we play with rules from August 1993, and we don't use modern sleeves. Some more info about that one can be found if you click the top right fire gif at the n00bcon frontpage. After announcing it two days ago at Facebook, we have 75 players signed up for that one, so please give me a heads up if you want to join. We'll have to cap that one eventually as well, but we might be able to squeeze 100 players rather than the 70-80 I first expected. Never thought we'd need a cap on an Alpha-only tournament where you have to play with penny sleeves on rickety tables, but we clearly shouldn't underestimate the pure insanity of the Mtg Underground.

So, this is almost eight months from now, but I figured an early heads up could be appreciated for those who want to hold tournaments for their spots, or just want to have a better planning horizon for a potentially long journey. Looking forward to meet a bunch of you guys again, and many of you for the first time!



  1. My god oldschool magic is going nuts..! what happened to the days of bb sea serpents and craw wurms..? "we clearly shouldn't underestimate the pure insanity of the Mtg Underground" mate rightly spoken but you can't call it an underground anymore if obscure gatherings in thrashy pubs sell out 8 months in advance.. this is f*cking pop

    1. Haha, certainly some truth in that. I guess I personally interpret the mtgunderground to be a mindset or movement more than about head count or obscurity. Kinda like I'd probably consider Immortal Technique to be underground even though he is a household name these days.

      Still craw wurms at the gathering though ;)

  2. Thank ou for the links at the end of your post! Made me read some awesomeness.


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