Banned and Restricted update 2018

Yep, it's that time of the year again!
Yet another snap keep!
So last year we tried and recorded the announcement on the Flipping Orbs podcast rather than posting it here and typing out the discussions. That was pretty fun, so we did the same thing this year (and now it's a tradition I suppose). The episode turned out at an horrendous two hours, complete with my sound dropping off at places. So for those of you that just want to get to the brass tacks, here's this year's update:
  • Recall is unrestricted
...and that's it! As always it will be exciting to see how this works out and what kind of tech people come up with, if any. Feel free to scream your opinions in the comments :) If you have some time, I recommend giving the podcast a listen. It goes into some depth about around twenty cards that were up for discussion this year.



  1. Why you guys don't restrict all the non-basic lands (except dual)?
    Having 4 mishras factory is affecting ALL decks here in europe meanwhile having 4 strip mines+4mishras factory is affecting ALL decks in US as well...

    This rule-proposition is sooo easy n nice (as well as fair in terms of play -and other lands) and it will unlock much maaany more different decks too.
    Not counting same issue for the 4maze of ith.....!
    Without such rule anyone would be stupid not to put 4mishras 4strips 4mazes ....thats 12 cards out of 60.
    This is just nuts (and extremely stupid).

    I really would like a very good answer from people who make these rules.
    Same goes for hundreds of people thinking the same as me...

  2. Even with Strip restricted no one is playing 3-4 mazes, so maybe everyone is stupid or maybe youre just wrong.

    1. ARE YOU JOKING???
      Everyone as mishras in!!

      If you do not undersnt how or why a 15usd card fucks up 1500usd cards..then you are clearly on the stupid side here.
      (Maze of it against 1 turn juzam, thats a lotus n a juzam wasted.serendib n others too)

    2. Roberto: I don't know whether you are being a troll or just a jerk, but either way you are showing your ignorance. No one plays 4 Mazes and when you have lands that only create generic mana then it DOES destroy a mana base because you need lands that produce WUBRG mana to cast your spells that require those mana. Just show some respect when talking to people.

    3. yep sure! actually even this video i found just today does NOT point towards this same issue.

      ...maybe Filippo or Chang or all those people are jerks like me..

      Lurkercon 4 PRE-GAME Interviews = Brian Weissman Randy Buehler Talk briefly about 4x Strip Mines, and Filippo Lietti #1 INTERVIEW!!!

      BTW very mature or you "Teluin" of calling me a troll or a jerk just because i point out the elephant in the room.

      ps:there is a card called celestial prism. but hey! what do i know?! i'm a jerk......

      Btw find me on fb if you wish to discuss it here posting is awful because the system is in swedish!

  3. Nice podcast and I'm really looking forward to hearing you and Gordon discuss about the fallen empires set. :-)

  4. Roberto: If you look back a couple of years you can see a very distinct philosophy when it comes to restrictions.

    We want the list as short as possible.

    And deck wise, 4 strip, 4 mishra, 4 maze destroys the mana bases.

    1. NOT true since strips give you 1 colorless as well as a mishras.

      If they didnt produce mana i d be completely fine!!!!!

      Thats not the case.....

    2. Yes, colourless mana. That's the key. Everybody (sort of) plays 4 Mishra, 1 Strip Mine, 1 Library of Alexandria today. But 6-7 colourless producing lands is kind of a stretch if you want to have a decent mana base in a multicolour deck.

      Playing ~13 colourless lands in a deck makes it very hard to cast any coloured spells, and would only be feasible in a monocoloured or monobrown deck.

      Almost nobody in Sweden plays 4 Maze, and we're at least a couple of houndred people here playing 93/94. If it would be so broken as you say, you also claim that all swedes are stubid.

    3. christopher FIRST of all i have never said that all swedish people are stupid.
      you might have misinterpreted my comment.

      Secondly you are actually giving me credit...! You just said that eveyone uses 4 mishras..........(i mean WTF!!!!! lets call it mishras oldschool then.............)!!!
      Plus you are saying that no one uses 4 maze of ith, and thats very wrong.
      since the last change of rules which allowed them in x4 many decks now feature them.....!! works like a charm having 4 drop of honey and 4 maze of ith....... (not counting the 4 mishras in combo with them)

      In US they have no restriction on strip guess what...everyone is using 4 of them....

      PLUS i d like to remind to you too that there is a card called celestial prism.

      And second, IF you guys were right about having colored mana instead of colorless mana............WHY the mishras workshops are restricted then??

      It obviously doesnt make sense.....

      and again, in the same way 4 library of alexandria are banned that should happen for the mishars workshop too....same goes for the strip mine (restricted already here in europe)........same should be for every NON basic land except the duals.

      if that doesnt happen, then aleandria n workshop should be x4 as well as trip mines.
      even if it could sound more actually make MUCH more sense.

      Ps if you want to discuss it find me on fb here posting isnt easy!!!

    4. Why not have a restriction of 2 per deck for cards like Strip Mine & Factory? Even stupid Hymn to Tourach. Maybe even Lightning Bolt or Swords to Plowshares! Make everyone start actually creating their own decks, wow what a concept. THAT is the essence of Old School gentleman.

    5. You are of course very welcome to build a deck with 2-of Bolts, Swords and Factories Brian. Hymn to Tourach is not legal over here however, so you'll have to leave that one in the binder. But I'm sure that small discrepancy wont hinder you from building a deck you feel is gentleman-like on a personal level :)

  5. Guys, I love beer and i love old school magic but a bar is a terrible place to hold a podcast


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