Gathering the Knights of Thorn

Less than half a year ago, Dyan de Rochemont gave us our first peek into the Dutch 93/94 community. Since then, it seems like the community has exploded. In just a few months, the Dutch mages are already reaching 20 players in their sweet and laid-back tournaments. The Knights of Thorn have truly become a band to reckon with in the world of old cardboard. Today I have the great pleasure to share the story from Erwin Demmer, organizer of and player in The Knight of Thorn tournament in Voorthuizen. Enjoy! /Mg out

In the beginning of this year, I had a playset Unlimited Plateaus for sale and an interested buyer came to my place to see the cards. Normally a sale like this takes half an hour or so; but not this time! We started with coffee and small-talked about Magic and the buyer was talking enthusiastic about his Old School cards, which he played with a couple of buddies. The idea of Old School Magic was growing on me. After years of collecting, this was the time for me to create a nice Old School deck of my own!

We talked and talked, drank beer and had some laughs, and the deal was made!! Oh, not only the deal he came for, but also the bigger deal: an Old School tournament in Voorthuizen, in my backyard. The Swedish rules, + 35 proxies (old border, original art reprints), to give the newbies a chance to play. Each following tournament, the amount of proxies would have to be lower, so more Swedish legal cards are in each deck. The winner of each tournament would win the Knights of Thorn card, signed by each player.  This signed card has to be in his or her deck or sideboard in the next tournament.

Our main goal: organize a kind of N00bcon in Holland. Of course, with a good amount of fun, deck building, trading and... BEER drinking!! The first tournament was with 7 enthusiasts, we had a lot of fun playing several games and had an overall winner who got the first signed Knights of Thorn card. We all committed to play at the next tournament. The date was set, now we 'only' had to organize it.
BRU Trick by Mari Steinhage, including the signed Knights of Thorn Card, won at the first tournament.
Our goal was maybe to have 10 - 14 players but the players kept on entering…
Okay, now I had to find out how many players I could fit in my garden-house and garage. Counting tables and chairs, organizing an extra table or two: yes, it could work for 20 players! We still had to turn down a couple of people though, sorry for that...

In the week before the tournament we got heaps of chips, beer and other drinks, so everybody would have enough to eat and drink. To prepare a lunch for 20 people, my wife helped out the evening before. It was all set; LET'S PLAY MAGIC!
A magical group of people ;)
We started the morning with coffee, cake and greetings. The atmosphere was great! Although it was cloudy the whole day, we didn't have much rain and players where walking from one table to the other to see the several games going on. Every player had his own deck, waiting to draw that one card to hit his opponent in the heart ;) Nice to see so many different people, with the love for Old School Magic.

Two groups of 10 people were playing. Every person was playing 4 games. Out of these pools came a number 1 and 2 who would go to the half finals. Of course there was a final match; who would become the second winner of our signed The Knights of Thorn?
Besides the hosting the tournament, I also played. My first game was against Jimmy, who turned out to be a good opponent, playing The Deck. I lost the first game because of a Fireball of 16 damage. The second game I got my Underworld Dreams up and running, which made it 1 - 1. An exciting last game it would be! At the end of the third game, I was at 14 life and Jimmy at 6. He was counting and counting for his Fireball but came 1 mana short to win the match. My decision to use the Strip Mine for his Mishra's Factory turned out to be golden. On my turn I played a Wheel of Fortune but because of his sideboarded COP: Black, he could prevent the seven damage.
Erwin Demmer's Trick Deck.
Then the tension came on; witch 7 cards would end up in my hand?? Lucky for me I drew 2 Bolts witch I could play. YES the game ended in my favor, I WON!
For me this was the best game of the day, I really enjoyed it. Both Jimmy and I defeated 3 men and lost only 1 game. Unfortunately for us it wasn't good enough to reach the finals.
Jimmy To's The Deck.
The final match was a lot of fun and sweat was dripping from 2 foreheads... Who would win??? Was it Wilfred (playing White Weenie), was it Tom (RUG Jugger-Zoo)? By a hair's length, Tom won and Wilfred took his loss like a man; with a bottle of beer :)
Final game
At the end of the day there where two players who did not win ANYTHING! They had a Chaos Orb shoot-out to see who of them would get the extra prize. What they didn't know, that not the winner of this shoot-out would get the prize, but the loser would. That got some good smiles on everybody's faces!
Chaos Orb shoot-out
Of course we all signed the card for the winner. Wijnand delivered some great stuff to give away to the winners and last player. It was all good!
We finished off the day, looking back on a great tournament.
And the winner is: Tom Posthuma!

Thanks all for coming, until the next gathering my friends!

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/Erwin Demmer