LepreCon 2: An FNM in Karlstad

We should ban Marsh Gas. I've never seen a deck playing it lose a game.

Nope, let's ignore the implications of today's date this year and go forth with a tournament report. Last spring, the second 93/94 FNM at Leprecon took place in the Leprechaun Pub in Karlstad. As per tradition, the tournament report is slightly late, but the Karlstad crew doesn't fail to deliver. This is Mällroth's story from Leprechaun Pub. /Mg out

As was decided last year there would be a second 93/94 FNM, a LepreCon 2. We would once again hold it at our local magic friendly pub in the center of Karlstad, The Leprechaun Pub.
13 players showed up for it. It would have been more but the Swedish Nationals was played the same weekend (yes, we still do that, and Olle “Rolex” Råde won the whole thing). Of the 13, 10 came from Arvika (yes, they’re crazy), 2 were locals (Fungi and myself) and a brave man (BaroqueW) traveled from the capital more than 300 kilometers away. That meant 4 rounds and top 4 again. UnfortunateIy this meant that someone had to get a bye. I again played the Lestree Zoo, which I love to play. With my own touch of course.
Round one
No bye this time. I took on Svetzarn with a land destruction deck. In the end I took both duels to make it 2-0.

Round two
Here I met Tilyna with White Weenie. This is a surprisingly strong deck in the format and one that KungMarkus thoroughly hates. I won the first and Tilyna the second duel. I took the third and decisive duel with a fast start for 2-1.

Round three
Berntsson was my opponent in this round. He played an Ehrnam-Geddon deck, not all complete though. I took him down quite fast in the first duel. The second duel looked nice on my part when a Balance and a Chaos Orb turned the game over. He won with ease after that. The third duel was mine for 2-1.
Before Balance and Orb.
After Balance and Orb ;)
Round four
As polers was the only other with 3-0 we were to meet in the last round. Both of us would probably play top 4 regardless of the result. He played a somewhat similar deck as mine but with counterspells and less power. Playing nice creatures and burning each other gave us one duel each. In the third duel I manage to get out on top. 2-1.

Max "BaroqueW" Weltz went from Stockholm to play the tournament and stayed at a local hotel. He brought his wife and kids along with him to Karlstad by saying that Karlstad is on the way to the Zoo they were going to. As it is, it’s a detour of more than 400 kilometers! I asked him how this was possible. His answer was that his wife didn’t quite have the layout of Sweden and that it’s a big country! The rest of us decided there and then to award him with the supposedly random award for the day, a heavily played unlimited Howling Mine. He was a happy fellow.
The spoils: trophies, secret Howling Mine, FNM cards, and a signed Aisling Leprechaun
I met with BaroqueW from Stockholm with Disco Troll (yes, his name on the deck and up for discussion). And as many times before my deck decides to take a break in the playoffs and he won both duels quite comfortably. 0-2.

In the other semi Fungi plays polers for a place in the final duel. They met earlier in the rounds and then polers won 2-1. This time Fungi, with my Deadguy Ale deck, end up victorious 2-0. So one of my decks made it to the finals anyway.

In the finals Fungi put hard pressure on BaroqueW and takes home the whole tournament with a 2-0 victory. He’s very happy when he gets the trophy, the signed Aisling Leprechaun and a FNM-foil.
BaroqueW was also a happy guy with his second place.
I will for sure try to run this tournament this year as well but probably not as an FNM but on a Saturday instead. Hopefully someone else may be inclined to write a report from the tournament then so it won’t take many months to complete.
The winning deck from Leprecon 2.
Over and out, Mällroth.


  1. BaroqueW here:

    Thanks Mällroth for the report and for the great tournament. When is the next Leprecon? Organize it and I will write a report!

    Also, what's wrong with Disco troll? :D



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