BSK 2016. Info.

"It will be night, and the rain will fall. Falling, it will be rain, but having fallen, it will be frost. And we will stand in the morass among the crumbling tall lilies, with darkness forced upon our lands, and the lilies will sigh one unto the other in the solemnity of their desolation."
  - Frozen Shade

September. We're clinging on to the lights. We still think of barbecues and trips to the ocean. But there's a splinter in the back our minds telling us that we kid ourselves. It's a work of desperation.

No need for lies anymore. Heavy hands unsleeve our summer Factories and replace them with autumn versions in our decks. The dark months are coming, and in their wake, BSK will follow.
BSK is one of the oldest annual 93/94 tournaments, second only to the Easter tournament at n00bcon. It started six years past, when it took place in a hotel bar. Five years ago we had moved to hotel rooms, and a couple of years later the tournament took up multiple suites at the hotel. Two years ago, we had outgrown the hotel rooms and moved to the site of the BSK gaming convention for the main tournament. Last year, the tournament that have since become the known as the Northern European championships in 93/94, was eventually taken down by Olle Råde after nine grueling hours of Magic. Olle wrote a report about the tournament two years ago (the year before he won), which you can read here.

The tournament is somewhat special in that it is one of the two tournaments each year that awards the winner a player-signed Giant Shark from The Dark; perhaps the most coveted price in 93/94 Magic. Any player who wins the Shark will be expected to always play it in their deck from that day on to show off their immaculate skill at old Magic.
What: The 7th annual BSK, glorious tournament for bragging rights in old school Magic.

When: Friday the 4th of November, starting at 17:00. Six or seven rounds of swiss followed by a top8.

Where: Sven Eriksonsgymnasiet in Borås, Sweden. The same location as the BSK gaming convention that same weekend. Note that this means that participants need to pay admission to the BSK gaming convention to play in the tournament. Also note that it means that you are not allowed drink while playing the Shark tournament. This is one of the more structured 93/94 tournaments in that aspect. We usually host other tournaments at the hotel rooms after the Shark tournament where alcohol is accepted, if you are so inclined. You can read musing about last years 93/94 sideevent at BSK here if interested.

Who: Anyone who has a deck are welcome to come and play. There is no stated upper limit for this tournament (unlike it was for e.g. n00bcon this year). Last year we were around 55 players.

Registration: The registration fee for the tournament is 100 sek (about €10). Half of the tournament fee will be given to charity. The other half will be used to cover trophies, pins and some random bonus prizes. If you're a member at, post in the BSK 2016 thread at the Old School forum (if you're not a member in the old school forum, send me an IM). Otherwise, send me a mail ( or comment here, and we'll put you on the list.

Prices: The winner gets a Giant Shark and all the glory that comes with it. Winner will also get to give half the tournament fees to charity (no, giving it to Berntsson does not qualify as charity ;)). Top8 gets some sort of trophies. Some random prices will most probably be handed out as well. At least someone should get some Halloween candy and a The Dark booster or two for flavor. Of course everyone gets a rad tournament pin to put on their hipster backpacks or crude playmats.

What else: The winner will be invited to a free Vintage Masters draft at Sunday, hosted by the BSK gaming convention people. Some sort of 93/94 side events will be hosted around the hotels in the area. The BSK Gaming convention will also host all kinds of other tournaments and games, not just Magic. Last year their National Championship tournament in Legacy had 114 players, so if you like slightly newer formats, you should check it out.

BSK mofos!

We'll end today's PSA with Martin Berlin's 5-0 decklist from the From Russia with Love swiss two weeks ago (tournament reports will come):
Tranquility is the new Wrath of God.