AFK and some decks to beat

I’m off to ride a bike from Gothenburg to Oslo during the next four or five days, and then travel north and live in a log-cabin for a week or so. Look at cows and such I guess. What do Magic players even do on their vacations?
Erik, Marina, Gajol, Honka, Øyann and Hörnet yesterday. To be fair, one person around this table does not play Magic.
I'll be off the grid for a week or two, or at least far away enough to not properly update the blog this week or the next. Some digital vacation. Though if there's need for some extra 93/94 fix during the coming week or two, I've updated the Decks-to-Beat section with 16 new decks :)

Arcon 93/94 Top4
14 participants, photos of 4/4 decks. The large Arcon convention in Norway hosted their first non-proxy 93/94 tournament this year. The Norwegian 93/94 meta is much like their metal; unusually black. Again we see a top4 without a single blue card, instead Sinkholes, Geddons and large creatures reign supreme alongside a TaxEdge deck.

The Ivory Cup 2016 Top8
29 participans, photos of 8/8 decks. The first Ivory Cup in Stockholm showed off a myriad of different strategies, and showed that the players from the Swedish capital is capable of skillfully piloting a lot more than control decks. Eight different archetypes in the top8, and the final battle stood betwen the Trolls and the Goblins.

Wexio State Championships 2016 Top4
16 participants, photos of 4/4 decks. For the third year in a row, it was time to battle for a glorious Prodigal Sorcerer and to determine who was the top 93/94 player in Småland. Again, the control decks are mostly left behind. The top4 is dominated by burn spells and effective creatures, alongside a BW Party Crasher. In the end, a five-color Artifact Aggro deck ended up at the top of the heap.

Also, if you want to try a new approach for old cards and multiplayer this summer, you should check out Geena Buxton's two posts about old school EDH at Nomad Gamer; Deep Dive and Mine. Old School. She digs into sets as far ahead as Alliances in the 100-card decks (as that was the time when the terms EDH and "Highlander" were first defined for Magic in The Duelist), but if you're not abhorred by the concept of 1997 and Ishan's Shades with Rituals of the Machine, it sounds like a really sweet and nostalgic approach to multiplayer :)

Have a great summer!


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