Clip Show

There are something like 260 posts on this blog. Most are without tags or structure. A few people have noted this, and mentioned that some sort of links could be appreciated for new visitors, or for veterans who wants to give old content a second look. So I took some time and dug up five of the, in my opinion, more interesting posts in seven different categories along with ten or so deck techs with short summaries.
A random pic of Kalle doing the Lestree Pose with a makeshift pair of black sunglasses.
Maybe you'll find something sweet you haven't seen before. Check it out here.


  1. fellow 93-94 players beware, the chinese are now counterfeiting nearly all olds chool staples, not only power nine. The list growns every couple months. Even SINGING TREE, LIGHTINING BOLT and other cheap cards are being faked. Check this out:


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