A short thanks

When I started playing, there were a few artists who were as important to the game as the rules themselves. The guys who created the world where we played. Artists like Jesper Myfors, Ron Spencer, Mark Tedin, Drew Tucker, Anson Maddocks and Dan Fraizer. And of course Christopher Rush.
Christopher Rush had a huge part in creating the nostalgic joy we experience when we play old school Magic. Just a few days ago, Kalle and I were talking about contacting him again to get some alters of Rukh Eggs for n00bcon. I never talked to him myself, but from what I heard he was a very friendly and easy-going guy. My personal experience with him was solely from his work, but through that he made a big impact.
Magic just got older. I'm sad to hear that one of the original creative minds is gone. His work and the impact he made will be with us as long as there is a Black Lotus in the world.


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