Tech from Sehlskapsspelen 2015

During the holidays I had the opportunity to visit Erik "Sehl" Larsson's house in Åsa. Eight mages of ill repute had gathered to draft Viktor "Oldschool" Peterson's new 93/94 combo cube.
Limited brewing
It was a great experience. The cube contained pretty much all the possible combos and tricks in the format, and fairly few creatures in order to make the combos more powerful. I started out trying to build Transmute/Field of Dreams, but didn't get to wheel my Millstones and ended up with UR Transmute Artifact. There were some truly insane decks and matches, but I won't spoil to much in case Viktor wants to write a report about the cube later. I will however say that I unlocked the achievement of pinging an opponent from 20 to zero with a single Prodigal Sorcerer as my only offense.
Tim achievement about to be unlocked.
But that was not the only event to take place at Casa Sehl during December. A few weeks ago, Sehl hosted the second yearly Sehlskapsspelen tournament. I didn't have the chance to attend myself, but he recently sent over the decklists for the top4. And there's some solid tech.
The glorious host.
Starting with the winner, we have Elof Gottfridsson. The Pimpvitational champion's deck of choice was a new take on Artifact Aggro. With 4-offs of Su-Chi, Juggernaut and Copy Artifact backed up by a slew of mana rocks and jewellery, big guys come out the gate before there are ways to handle them. To go all guns blazing, the big four-drops are backed up by both Berserks and Atogs.
Elof's Artifact Smash
Next in line we have Andreas "JummJumm" Leo. JummJumm btw ended up with a 4-1-1 record with his WW at BSK in November and just missed the top8 on tiebreakers (also due to draws being worth zero points in the tournament, and he unfortunately got an unintentional draw in the second round). His current deck is a really sweet and techy monored brew. Like Elof, JummJumm holds the full set of Atogs in his main 60, but other than that the decks look very different. The Manabarbs are rarely seen but seem very powerful, and combined with cards like Copper Tablet, Ankh of Mishra, and burn spells they look highly dangerous. Sweetest tech has to be the Time Vault though.
JummJumm's Burning Barbs
Falling just short of the finals, we have Sehl's GW ErhnamGeddon and Simon "Mofow"'s Erhnam Burn'em rounding up the top4.
Sehl's Erhnamgeddon
Mofow's Erhnam Burn'em
Only one deck playing blue in the top4, but ten Erhnam Djinns, eight Atogs and three out of four decks playing Avoid Fate make up for the absence of Islands.


  1. Sweeeeeet! 8D


  2. I must admit I still haven't pinged someone from 20 to zero with Prodigal Sorcerer, even after almost 21 years - but I have been on the receiving end of that!

    Erhnam Djinn is timeless. Thanks for the report!

    -- David F

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  4. Do you have the combo cube's list?


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