Hövveturneringen and 24 decklists

This week I spread my wings and wrote a guest post for Shaman Ben's MtgUnderground blog. If you haven't seen his blog, I highly recommend checking it out. Ben is a fantastic writer and his gonzo-style reports are rare gems in the often bland world of Magic chronicles. The red thread in my article is the second, smaller, 93/94 tournament that took place the day after the Shark tournament at BSK a month ago. It is one of my longer posts, and in my own opinion a good one. You should check it out (and the rest of Ben's blog) here.
But that's not all. In case you've already seen the post and feel the need for some netdecking inspiration, here are 24 decks-to-beat from the last months.
Audun's Nether Void Ponza from Moss.
BSK 2015 top8
55 participants, photos of 8/8 decks. The sixth showdown at BSK was the grandest one yet. Top decks include e.g. MirrorBall combo, Power Monolith, UR Burn, The Deck and a solid Deadguy Ale. When the dust settled, UR Burn was seen hoisting the Shark once again.

Moss 93/94 Top8
26 participants, photos of 8/8 decks. The second non-proxy tournament in Norway was a smashing showdown as people came from far and wide to fight for the Moss Monster. The top8 contains diverse decks like Stasis, Erhnam Burn'em, Nether Void Ponza, Troll Disco and two different builds of Power Monolith.

Wexio #3 93/94 Top4
12 participants, photos of 4/4 decks. This time the top of the heap belonged to Project M, BRw Tempo, Enchantress and UGR Tempo. The control decks were yet again left behind in the swiss. Worth noting is that three out of four decks play maindeck land destruction spells to complement the Strip Mine and Orb.

Joypad Open Top4
7 participants, pictures of 4/4 decks. The first non-proxy tournament in Oslo gathered some dark mages. For a change, the top4 didn't contain a single blue card. Instead we saw 16 Dark Rituals, 13 Underworld Dreams and 11 Hypnotic Specters in the top four decks.


  1. How has no one commented on this yet? Thank you for posting these -- it's a sweet hit of inspiration for those of us who are starting to buy into the format but don't get to play much (yet).

    1. Thanks man, you are welcome :) People tend to be a little shy on commenting here.

  2. Thanks for the decklists. Always nice to see great tech.



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