Gatherings and decks

I've realized that I hadn't updated the Gatherings page for a while. It's actually kind of hard to keep up these days.

These are a few from the last couple of weeks, or soon to come. Another one coming up soon is a sanctioned 93/94 FNM in a pub i Karlstad May 15. Pretty cool :)

The biggest one was the Ovinospring tournament in Milan. I unfortunately couldn't go myself, as I was off to London to run a 12-mile mud race yesterday (yep, my everything hurts today). The Italian scene is very active, and if you know the language or just want to look at some pictures of sweet tech, I recommend checking their facebook page. And you know you want to pick up the first price of that tournament:
A goddamn Metal Juzam
I've realized that I don't really have the time nor information to update the page properly with all the gatherings around the world, so I'll remove it for now. If you have something going on, like planning a tournament, feel free to send me an email and I can post a notice about it on the blog instead. Also feel free to send pics or tournament reports from local events if you want to show off :)
Showing off: Sveby's Eureka combo versus Oldschool's Living Plane combo. Look at those playmats!
I have done something relevant this week though, apart from running through mud, working, and drinking British ales in wooden taverns. I finally took the time to gather a majority of the scattered deck lists from the Mindstage convention, Stabcon 1 and the n00bcon Warmup tournament. I've posted them in the decks-to-beat section along with the decks from n00bcon 7. Go check out the latest tech here.
n00bcon Warmup finals. WW versus UR Burn.