Sunday updates

As I type this, there's a 93/94 tournament going on at the StabCon convention in Gothenburg. I unfortunatly couldn't make it to the tournament myself this time, but Freespace just sent over a picture from when he managed to exchange from 1 to 20 life with Mirror Universe against WW. So there's that.

Mirror Universe really is a ridiculously strong card in many matchups. In the Arvika tournament last weekend I went 6-0 in matches, and at least three of those wins would have been massive losses without the Mirror. It is somewhat amusing that it is close to broken in 93/94, but pretty much unplayable in all other formats. Kind of like Recall.
To the left, a restricted card in old school Magic, and a former a chase-rare from Legends. To the right, an unplayable bulk rare from 2002 ;)
The StabCon tournament is probably the last 93/94 tournament in Sweden before n00bcon. It looks like this year's n00bcon have the potential to be the biggest tournament in the format yet. We're about 40 people signed up now, with 5 weeks to go. It will be awesome. Kalle has finished this year's pin design now btw; a Dragon Whelp hatched from an Easter egg.

 At that same date, April 4th, I've heard that the LandLotusJuzam guys will host a Magic '95 tournament in New York. Legal sets are up to Ice Age, and the tournament will have a dress code of mid-90s clothes. If you haven't checked out their website yet, have a look at It is funny on so many levels.

Back to 93/94 Magic, the Ravenna scene is going strong. You can check out a lot of sweet videos and tech at the Magic Time homepage or at their Facebook page. They use an unusual but pretty cool Chaos Orb flipping technique btw, an overhand 2-finger flip:

I also hear that some local players in Oslo might be interested in the format. I hope to get together with some locals in the next few weeks for some casual gaming. Getting started with 93/94 usually take some time, but it should be fun to see where we can take it. It would be sweet to not have to travel to Sweden everytime I want to play old school Magic with more than one or two players ;)

I've updated the PWP standings and decks to beat with the results and decks from Arvika. Hope to get some sort of report and decks from StabCon in the near future as well :)


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