Pictures from BSK

A weekend with good Magic and great people has passed in Borås. This was one of the largest old school tournament thus far, and we saw a lot of new faces and creative decks among the 40 players.

I'll be posting player profiles and deck techs during the coming weeks, and hopefully we'll also get a tournament report written by one of the participants in the near future. For now, lets look at some pictures from the event.

Viktor "Oldschool" Peterson giving a peek of his new tech; Glasses of Urza and Killer Bees.
Felipe Garcia studying Mastering Magic Cards to get some last minute hints on how to win.
Long time collector and first time 93/94 player Mällroth shows up to battle in a kilt and Serra Angel t-shirt.
The Arvika crew looks ready to battle. Rad dudes with cool decks.
Three-time Shark winner Elof, and behind him the Swedish national Legacy champion Vigo (who btw defeated Elof in the finals for the title.)
Sveby, one of the formats first players, came to pick up his new Eureka-playmat made by Felipe.
Elof also got a new mat from Felipe, a Leviathan eating a Giant Shark. Subtle ;)
The players have gathered.
Facing off against Nikolai Weibull in game 1. Nikolai won Nationals 1997 and helped taking the Swedish team to a 2nd place in the World team championships that year. He also uses the Spellground Elite design on his playmat :)
Fireball for the overkill. With double Candelabra and Mana Flare, each land will generate up to 7 mana.
Munchausen goes for the Su-Chi beatdown.
Mana Draining an Unstable Mutation for the win.
Felipe having a hard time against Jenny's Hypnotics and Underworld Dreams.
No pain, no gain. Roland with double Juzam and Serendib vs two Underworld Dreams.
Tapping out for Moss Monster against double Rock of Kher Ridges. Keeping the damage at bay with Spirit Link and CoP:Red. Clearly top5 best board states ever.
Erhnamgeddon vs The Deck.
Jocke responds to Rafiki's turn 1 Library with turn 1 Library. Fairly unfair.
Elof swapping stories with n00bcon winner Stalin and pimpvitational winner Jocke Almelund.
A rare moment of a lonely looking Juzam at the opposite side of the table.
Kird Apes and Candelabras.
LeatherJacket mirror.
Goblins vs some kind of Bazaar combo.
The Deck faces an onslaught of big creatures.
Semifinals. Electric Eel Aggro seems to have won "The Mishra Lottery" against monoblack.
Finals. Myfz's MonoBlack vs Hagelpump's UR Burn.

MonoBlack explodes with turn one Juzam.

After three very tight games, a still happy Myfz has to admit defeat to the Serendibs and Shivan Dragon. Very well played!
Hagelpump is as happy as I've ever seen a Magic player. Well played, well deserved, and big congratulations!
Hagelpumps winning deck from BSK 2014.
Thanks for a sweet tournament, looking forward to the next time!


  1. Nice mg 8D

    Thanks all for an awesome tournament!


  2. Eh, again UR burn top1. Like in every big tourney :(
    Would be interesting to see top8 decklists.

    1. Well, like in this one and n00bcon 6 ;) Clearly a very powerful deck, but by no means dominant in the way The Deck was before the restriction of Mana Drain.

      I'll keep the decklists coming, don't have all of them yet though.

  3. Moar pix


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