The Kobold deck

As usual during early autumn, there have been some very hectic weeks. It's starting to calm down, and I've found myself taking rain-checks on evening seminars and cancelling breakfast meetings before work to get some more free time. I think it is important to plan a little extra downtime after intensive weeks to take care of mental and technical debt and get in shape for next time. "When in peace, plan for war", as Sun-Tzu wrote ;)

We're not really preparing for war (in the strictest sense) though, we're preparing for BSK. In less than three weeks from now, Juzams will be battling in Borås. We have run into some speed bumps with the location though; the one we thought we had recently got cancelled on short notice, and among the other dozen alternatives we've checked out, none has panned out well yet. Wherever we land, there will surely be sweet magic with good people. We have random prices, some pins, and soon some trophies.

Players giving casual "prices" to other participants are a fairly long-standing tradition at BSK and n00bcon. Last year, Daniel "Kungen" Ahlberg placed last at BSK, and he was awarded a playset of each Kobold with trash talk about his mediocre skill written on them by the top12 players.
Kungen in deep tech mode.
A lesser player might have taken this a just a friendly jab, but Kungen saw this as a challenge. He went on to build a Kobold-deck with his new cards. After a lot of work and teching, he managed to build a pretty decent Kobold-deck which he played at Kingvitational 1 to a highly respectable 2-2 in the swiss. He even wrote a report about it which he posted at svenskamagic. It's in Swedish, but if you know the language (or are comfortable with google translate) I recommend that you give it a look.

The Kobold Deck isn't really a budget deck, as it needs four copies of Gauntlet of Might to run well. It doesn't require any duals though, so if you happen to a have a playset of the third most expensive card in Magic (in 1994), this could be something fun to try out :)
Full jewellery and a bunch of other, albeit slightly less powerful, 0-mana cards.


  1. Haha the King of Kobolds! 8D


  2. Calamity of Crookshank!

  3. Has he considered trying out Keldon Warlord?

  4. Does anyone have 3 gauntlet of might they could spare lol I have been saving all my cobolds for years and have only come across one gauntlet. Help a guy out :p


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