At the very first Pro Tour, 1996 in New York, the "best European player" took an interesting deck all the way to the finals. The top8 for the event was stacked with the pros of yesteryears, including names like Mark Justice, Shawn "Hammer" Regnier and Leon Lindbäck. The French player who ended up in second place was none other than Bertrand Lestrée, famous for losing against Library+Ivory Tower against Zak Dolan in the finals of Worlds 1994.

Bertrand's deck was an early version of the so called ErhnamGeddon deck. The idea is to drop an early fatty, like Ernham Djinn, and then follow up with an Armageddon and pound the opponent while they struggle with mana. Add some Land Taxes and mana elves for consistency after geddon, and the deck can be a real hassle to handle.

During Kingvitatational, Erik "Sehl" Larsson played in his first tournament for over 15 years. His deck of choice was Erhnamgeddon, one of his favourite decks from when he first started playing. I faced off against Erik during the first round of the tournament, and our game was nothing short of epic. Two Armageddons, Balance, and at least three activations of Nevinyrral's Disk occured during our first game, clearing the board whenever one of us got ahead. I stabilized at 3 life for a long time, using Maze of Ith and Icy Manipulator, and eventually managed to squeeze in the win with Mirror Universe and attacking with Guardian Beast, with something like 7 cards left in my library.

The deck looks like a blast to play, and I hope we'll see more of it at n00bcon.


  1. Really nice and I agree, it looks really fun to play 8D



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