2013 Retrospective

I just got the last card to get my deck black bordered. I lack about 8 cards until the deck is complete (oncolor moxen, time twister, a few duals, and possibly Mahamothi Djinn), but it's still a milestone. The last card was a Mana Vault, but in November I also got my hands on a Workshop from Mats Karlsson. This is the state of the deck as we enter 2014:

So far on schedule ;) In less than a year from now, the deck will hopefully be complete.
On a personal note, 2013 has been a good year for old school magic. It has been the first year I've played the format outside of Sweden; in both Germany and Oslo. There have been a lot of nice guys contacting me via email to tell me about their experiences, in Canada, USA, and France. I've also managed to post in this blog about once a week throughout this year (58 posts, to be exact), which was my goal for the year.

2014 have the potential to be very interesting as well. With Vintage regaining popularity in the world, and in particular with Vintage Masters coming to Magic Online, it is very possible that old cards will become more sought after. The number of visitors to the blog are a magnitude larger than a year ago, which also may show some interest in "casual pimp".

With a lot of travelling on my schedule, along with work and family, I don't have time to play that often any more. I usually have the opportunity to play every three weeks or so, and I don't play old school more than every other month. This can make it uninspiring to write blog posts from time to time. This year I'll be a little less periodic with the updates, and write about ever other week (or more when something interesting happens, like pimpvitational in four weeks). If anyone of you would like to add additional content or deck lists, feel free to send me a mail and I'll post it here :)

As we enter the new year, good netiquette holds that I should post a list of some of my favorite posts from last year. Here are five I like (in no particular order):

Regensburg Rumble
The post is from the first time I played in Regensburg, in January 2013. The first few months I worked in Germany was a pretty tumultuous time, and meeting up with the Old School players in Regensburg was an oasis.

Time Walk and Hamlet 1.5.190
A fairly strategic and very nostalgic post from when I first got my Time Walk.

Warcon 2013, aka Kingvitational 0.5
This is probably my most complete tournament report I've posted here. It is still very casual, but I actually go through the matches I played.

Brewmaster's delight
I posted quite a few short deck techs last year. This particular deck is very cool, and there are a few good pictures of it in action as well.

Beware of Magic: the Gathering!
This post doesn't really have anything to do with deck building or playing per se, but as ranting about the old days of the game goes, it's pretty sweet :)

Bonus: n00bcon 5 pictures. A few pictures from n00bcon 2013. Good times!

This Saturday I'll get to play with my new Lotus for the first time in a local Vintage tournament btw :) Looking forward to it, it'll be a nice way to wrap up the vacation. A great new year to all of you!


  1. I sincerely hope that vintage becomes even more popular. I am sporting a vintage deck right now, in part because there are so many older cards that I love, but also because I can't afford to stay in standard every year (cry face).
    I like being able to use (almost!) any card I have access to in my deck :D

    1. Yes, vintage is most probably my favorite sanctioned format :) Hopefully the online release will make more people able to try it, and lose their misconceptions that it's a first turn kill / coin flip format.

  2. Very sweet deck MG, to bad I didn't got to face it at BSK.

    Got any Gloom's against you in the vintage tournament? ;)



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