Thunder TaxEdge

Christmas coming up! This week we'll take a quick look at a sweet deck in the seasons colors.

There are two main approaches to Tax Edge we've seen a the top tables thus far. One is pretty much just an extension of traditional White Weenie, with some Plateaus and a mountain added to support Land's Edge and Lightning Bolt. The other approach is creatureless, and uses cards like Ivory Tower and full sets of Howling Mine.

The Thunder Tax Edge is somewhat in between those two. It only supports 6 creatures (4 Thunder Spirit and 2 Serra Angel), but is still much more aggressive than the creatureless version, and have a better late game than the version supporting White Knights and Savannah Lions. This "midrange version" of Tax Edge have not been represented in the last few tournaments, but I think that it has a pretty good matchup against most of the decks that we've seen in the last top8s. It may need some tweaks, but it's nonetheless really fun to play :)

4 Thunder Spirit
2 Serra Angel

4 Land Tax
2 Land's Edge
2 Blood Moon

4 Chain Lightning
3 Winds of Change
2 Dust to Dust
1 Stone Rain
1 Wheel of Fortune
1 Balance
1 Detonate

4 Lightning Bolt
2 Disenchant
2 Howling Mine
1 Black Vise
1 City in a Bottle
1 Sol Ring
1 Mox Pearl
1 Mox Ruby

LANDS (20)
13 Plains
3 Mountain
3 Plateau
1 Strip Mine

3 Red Elemental Blast
1 Land's Edge
1 Stone Rain
4 White Knight
1 Disenchant
1 Dust to Dust
1 City in a Bottle
2 Ivory Tower
1 Maze of Ith


  1. Is this one of the decks from BSK?
    If so; who played it?
    As always - great work with the site!

    1. Thanks!
      This is actually my own old deck, the one I used before I started building on my current blue/black deck about a year ago. I was going to lend it out to a friend this BSK, but he couldn't make it to the tournament, and the deck was not played this year. I did playtest it with different people before the tournament though, and it had a great win percentage (higher than my blue/black) and quite a few turn 3-4 wins :)

  2. Oh, I didn't recognize it since all the new tech, but now I see the whiteboarded Maze of Ith :)
    I'm still sketching on my fullpower version, but it's kinda too greedy.


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