Something BSK this way comes

I felt I needed to do a hat trick on the Shakespeare references in the last three titles. I'll stop now :)

BSK 2013 coming up! In ten days, I'll be going to Borås for one of the two "nerd peaks" of my year. I've got the hotel room booked, my vacation cleared for Friday the 1st of November, and I'm ready for some last-minute tech this Saturday with my team mates. Good times will be had.

It's a little sad that many of the formats old key players wont be able to make it to this BSK though. Kids and work in other countries makes arrangements like this hard to attend (as well as the fact that BSK collides with Bazaar of Moxen this year). Of the 6 old shark winners, only Viktor "Oldschool" Peterson will be able to join, so the field seems wide open. Additionally, at least two more of the usual The Deck-players will be at BoM, so it really looks like some of the more unconventional decks may have time to shine. I assume that the coming DTB update with the top8 decks will be one of the sweetest yet :)

I was actually thinking about writing about building on a budget today. I started to write about the sweet decks that can be built with a budget of less than, say, $500. The format can seem very intimidating to get in to, as many decks may have a price tag of a few cars. It is highly possible (and encouraged!) to play the format with a student's budget though. Time constraints tonight made me save this topic for another week; but among my favorite "cheap" decks are Electric Eel Aggro and Tax Edge. If you have any particular topics you'd like me to write about, feel free to come with suggestions.

Anyway, get some old cards, join us at BSK, have a beer with us in our suites, and marvel at plays like turn one Plains, Black Lotus, Icy Manipulator. To pique your interest, here's a picture of a truly awesome deck used by a truly awesome player, The Book Deck by Elof:

The win condition is "unfairness".