Canadian tech and BSK preparations

About a year ago, Fab Sanglard from Toronto hosted the first old school tournament overseas. Now, another city in Canada has started a vibrant 93/94 community, spearheaded by Mike Borgardius in Nova Scotia.

Last week they held a 4-person tournament, battling out for a booster of Revised. The Nova Scotia crew allow Revised as an 8th set in their tournaments; it's a way for people to somewhat easier get into the format, and it was after all released before both Legends and The Dark. The winner got a few pack-fresh staples for his deck and, as is customary in old core set boosters, a lot of basic lands.

At least they had removed the four islands from the rare sheet when Revised came along.
 Mike's deck is a sweet version of The Deck, optimized against creature heavy decks (e.g. maindeck Moats instead of Scepters).
No Revised in Mike's Deck though.
The reason for playing Unl here instead of A/B is aesthetic. I appreciate wb cards, as was evident in my old white weenie; there's definitely a stylish element to the white borders. I'm personally a big fan of consistency though, so the plan for my next deck is to have it all BB in a year or so (I'm ok to whiteborder almost anything, but I don't have the heart to see my Juzam look like something from chronicles). As a footnote, it's almost strange to consider, but by many newer players wb is considered old school. After all, there hasn't been any wb cards printed for over half a decade (9th edition was the last time).

Clean style or simple blasphemy?
Anyway, the tournament went well, and they're planning a new one by the end of October. That next tournament already have 8 people signed up, and another 8 that are looking into possibilities to get their hands on a deck. That's a very quick expansion of the player base; it took the Gothenburg players well over a year to go from four players to nine in a tournament. The prizes in the Canadian tournament are btw a Beta rulebook and a Chaos Orb. I'm very much hoping to get some sort of tournament report to post here after it's done :)

Beta rulebook. White Ward is looking at you.
What else will happen in a few weeks you ask? As the landscape gets barren and the leaves crumble, Swedish magic players will gather at Borås Spelkonvent, BSK. This is one of my favorite Magic events of the year, along with Easter with n00bcon and Gothcon.

This year, as the tournament takes place during the 1st of November, it unfortunately collides with Bazaar of Moxen (and few players becoming dads). The hotel next to the convention in Borås will most probably still be one of the  largest gatherings of 93/94 players during the year (20-25 players during the last few years :)). The BSK convention itself next door will also host a multitude of tournaments during the weekend, including two Vintage tournaments and two Legacy tournaments, so Borås is a great place to be if you want to play some cards.

BSK 2012 players ready to battle.
I'll keep you updated with more info on the BSK 2013 tournament when I have it. Join up if you can!