More tech from n00bcon 5

We'll step right in.

If the 93/94 format would have a hall of fame, Pefken would be an auto-include. Apart from winning n00bcon twice, he also looks one step beyond the meta, and finds non-traditional powerful decks that can beat the field. At n00bcon 2 he won with a zoo deck, and at n00bcon 4 he reinvented Parfait to take him to the top. Last n00bcon he lost in the top4 against Elof (the Varberg Juggernaut) with a creature heavy deck I henceforth will refer to as Moon Midrange. Moon Midrange relies on under-costed and powerful creatures combined with unfair spells. It has some relation to the Ehrnam Deck, but supports cards like Blood Moon and Detonate, as well as playing a double digit amount of creatures.
Note the sideboard shark :)
Next up is the Power Monolith combo deck, courtesy of Kingen (the guy who took time to take pictures of all the decks shown here). Power Artifact combined with Basalt Monolith will generate an arbitrary large amount of mana, and Transmute Artifact can find both the Monolith and wincons like Rocket Launcher. This deck also supports the Howling Mine/Relic Barrier combo, and most of the power cards. With Power Artifact restricted, and only Demonic Tutor to find it, the deck may have issues with assembling the combo; but with a decent opening hand it's still a force to reckoned with.

Plan is to board in one Ehrnam and one Fat Mothi against good decks.
Next we have white weenie. White weenie is a fairly competitive deck, even though it's very cheap to assemble (by the format's standard at least). WW uses cheap creatures, land tax, city in a bottle, and a handful of disenchants/dust to dusts to overwhelm the opponent and gain tempo. This is one deck that was played last n00bcon:

Land Tax is too obvious
I also feel the need to show off my old WW (top4'd lots of tournaments with this one, including 2 n00bcons and 1 BSK). As I couldn't afford to buy the deck all black bordered, I decided to pimp it out by whiteboarding the entire deck instead (yes all cards are 93/94 legal, they just look like 4th because of acetone):

I don't care. I love it.
Lastly we have Kalle Nord's insanely impressive and unfair Prison deck. Kalle ended up at 9th place in the World Championships at n00bcon, and then second place in HUVUDTURNERINGEN that same evening, to make him miss glory by an inch in both tournaments. This deck is solid lockdown control, and is a pleasure to look at as well as horrible to face.
Again a Shark in the sideboard means a though matchup.