Bay area sweetness and some new cards

It's been over two weeks since I updated here, which is fairly unusual. The main reason for the pause is me moving up North. I'm no longer a Bavarian, but now a Norwegian in Oslo. Not quite the feel of Sweden yet, but it's nice to have a name on the door again, and I know at least one old school player in this city I'd like to meet up with. The apartment here is awesome btw; I've really missed it and my roomates.

So what happend the last few weeks? We're looking a date for the Pimpvitational, and the 93/94 format is becoming more and more visible in Sweden in general. On a personal note, I've gotten my first power card to my blue-black deck. I actually traded for it with a well-known player from Gothenburg as well, which has a kind of nicer ring than buying it from somewhere on the web. Gave quite a bunch of cards for it though. I also got a few more cards since n00bcon, these are my latest additions:

One of Elof's old Drains btw, that gotta carry some luck ;)

I'll keep it short today, but I'll update later during the week with some random tech and what the 93/94 scene in Oslo looks like. For now I will however show one of the most pimped decks I've ever seen in the format. Dustin from San Francisco sent me a picture of his friend's Erhnam Deck (after the restriction of Mana Drain). This is about as impressive as it gets :)

Bay Area is looking strong