Regensburg Rumble

A few months ago I mentioned that a German player had contacted me about old school Mtg. Since I'm currently working in Munich, which is about an hour and a half away from Regensburg where he lived, we decided to meet up.

I met Martin at the station and we walked through the beautiful city, passing by Catherdral and the Bridge, chatting about nostalgia and good times. We came home to Martin's place and I met his family, got a beer and had a look at his amazing collections. It hard to explain the feeling properly, and my few pictures are horribly blurry, but among other things a got to see the serra angel statue, pretty munch everything done by Rebecca Guay, and a complete collection of He-Man figures.



After about an hour we went to the local pub to play. The pub was called Die Tankstelle, a place with wooden interior, rock music, beers served at the table and mostly a few regular as customers. It felt very much like Rotary Pub in Gothenburg, definitly my kind of place.

This was what I had sleeved up (my current, at this point very unfinished, project):

Martin had build his deck according to the Chang school if I remeber correctly. The first game went fairly quick when I could get a Chaos Orb/Guardian Best lock down on turn 4, when Martin stumbled on his mana. I think we played out around 6 games for a total finish of about 3-3 i duels, Martin beat me with Rasputin Dreamweaver and Mishras, I managed to go inf with Basalt Monolith and beat down with Su-chis other times. My Xenic Poltergeists never got to live and make a difference, but at least they could eat some bolts. Guardian Beast is btw a really awesome card.

Of course I immediately topdecked another Guardian Beast

I somehow managed to lose this one.

After a little while Alex joined up with a deck inspired by something that won a large tournament in Regensburg about 15 years ago. Lots of Serendibs and Juggernauts. Fairly even matchup this one as well, with some edge to Alex.

The Wretched? Clearly unbeatable.

 Powerful dudes with powerful cards.

It was a very sweet evening, and I was great to get a chance to play some magic again! I pretty much hadn't touched my old school cards since I moved to Munich in November. Lots of thanks to Martin and Alex for their hospitality, and I hope to come back to Regensburg in the coming months!