The dust has settled after a great weekend in Borås, with the company of good friends, good beer, and lots of great magic.
In the tournament, I lost my first round aginst an even more aggressive red-white deck, but followed that up by a a win against UBG Goodstuff, another win against something I really can't remember (I know my Cities in Bottles were good, and he had mind twist, so Deckish maybe?), and a third win against Rickard Samuelssons newest creation (power and erhnam). I was 3-1 going into the last round, but it's cheap to draw into t8, so I played, lost, and got 9th. This is what I sleeved up:
Ankh Aggro
4 Savannah Lions
3 White Knight
2 Thunder Spirit
2 Serra Angel
1 Preacher

4 Land Tax

3 Armageddon
4 Chain Lightning
2 Dust to Dust
1 Wheel of Fortune
1 Balance

4 Lightning Bolt
3 Disenchant

3 Ankh of Mishra
1 Mox Pearl
1 Mox Ruby
1 Sol Ring
1 City in a Bottle
1 Black Vise
LANDS (18)
12 Plains
2 Mountain
3 Plateau
1 Strip Mine

3 Red Elemental Blast
3 Swords to Plowshares
2 Blood Moon
1 Thunder Spirit
1 White Knight
1 Chaos Orb
1 City in a Bottle
1 Disenchant
1 Maze of Ith
1 Shahrazad

The top8 decklists and player profiles will be posted soon, until then enjoy some (not properly sized) pictures.

25 players gathered to battle in hope of winning honour and the Giant Shark

Some pre-game chatting in suite one.

Even with two suites it's hard to get a good place for everyone to sit, especially during Shahrazad subgames like here.

More Magic!

Sveby presents an insanely cool deck. Sword of the Ages and Force of Nature for the win, with some help from Eureka and powerful spells.

Prison never looked so unfair.

Finalist Kalle is seen in the reflection of the prize.

Kalle's deck from day one

Kalle won the smaller 10-person tournament day two with this creation, when many of the other players were out playing legacy. A few faces that missed the main shark tournament day one opted to play day two instead.

Viktor, aka Oldschool, took the second place day two with his Electric Eel aggro.

GaJol, Nerd Thug!

Meekstone seems to be doing a lot of work.

I prefer the Juzam :)

Hoben played the sweetest deck without any power, so he got an Artist Proof Power Leech as a bonus prize.

Strange things going on.

Viktor. Like a Boss.

For his victory day two, Kalle won a signed Deep Water. Viktor isn't pleased.

Standings after round 5.

More will come, at least decklists and hopefully some coverage/tournament reports. I'm sorry that there wasn't any live updates, we actually didn't have a designated scorekeeper or judge this time, so it got a little hectic.

Thanks to everyone who made the it one of the most fun tournaments I've played!