BSK and tech from overseas

This friday marks the third annual tournament at BSK. There's lots of tech floating around in my local discussion group, metagame breakdowns and ideas. It's clearly not easy to build the correct deck even if you figure out how to break the metagame, since most players doesn't have access to the entire card pool. If you realize you want to play 4 Nether Void, or a set of Forcefield, you'll have a hard time requiring those cards anyway.

At Warcon, we saw an aggressive version of the Deck emerge. At n00bcon, the world championship, the Parfait deck showed off as a potentially stronger control deck than even the Deck. Relic Barrier could be a top tier this tournament as well, either as a part of a prison deck or as a way to counter it. The only cards played by all decks in the t8 last n00bcon was Sol Ring and Strip Mine, but we saw a whopping 28/32 Disenchants as well.

It'll be great to see everybody again!

Robert Schram, winner BSK 2011

Dan Holm, winner BSK 2010

As a sweet bonus, we've got a beautiful deck from Fabien in Toronto! The deck is inspired by Rickard Samuelssons winning deck from n00bcon 2010, a RGU zoo deck (though this one has alpha berserks ;)).

The first non-european deck posted here is a pile of awesome.


  1. Very awesome deck, but Berserk was restricted in January 1994 for having a powerful and sometimes game-ending effect.

    1. Yea, it was. We play with a somewhat modified ban/restricted list and modern up to date rules.

      The nostalgia comes from playing with the old cards, not from trying to be true to how the game looked back then.


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