Pictures from the eternal weekend

Last weekend I attended a tournament at Wizard Games, a local game store in Gothenburg. Due to some unfortunate scheduling, the other big store in gothenburg had a Legacy-tournament the same day, and it might have resulted in fewer players in either tournament. Anyways, three fourths of a doozen old school gamers gathered to win glory and a crudly signed Moss Monster.

First pick Moss Monster. Almost strictly better than Ironroot Treefolk.

The winning deck, played by Kalle Nord. Chip Hogan/Weismann/Rick Lay-pile.

Warmup between white weenie and Skull of Orm controll. The Skull of Orm deck unfortunatly lacked 6 basic swamps, and clearly had some mana problems.

Black Mirror. Honka (on the left) overslept somewhere in a strange side of town and didn't make it to the first round. 700 SEK cab fare later he was at the site, and promptly won all his other duels to end up at second place after the undefeated Kalle. Turn one Juzam goes to town.

Control Magic is awesome. Mg playing the only deck not containg either black or blue, as clearly a playset of Benalish Hero should be enough.

Stasis vs. Skull of Orm-tech.
Stasisdecks was almost a fourth of the meta, which was almost 2/3 blue decks!


  1. So fond memories of this! Good times all around :) / Kalle


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