Soon it will be time for this years n00bcon. As regular it will be during GothCon (April 5th to April 8th).

What: World Championship for 93/94.
When: Somewhere between 5th and 8th of April. (exact date will be announced later)
Where: Rotary pub (10 minutes walk from GothCon), Gothenburg.
Who: People who want to participate in the 93/94 tournament. If you don't play or work for n00bcon your not allowed on the site.

Cost: Entrance for participants are free. There is no participation fee.
Prize: Eternal glory, and something to prove and remember it with.
Rating: This will be the start for the pimpwalker system.

Alcoholic beverages will be sold in the bar, you are not allowed to bring your own.

There is a simple reason for keeping this event closed to outsiders. The decks people play with are to valuable, and we expect 20-25 participant. To avoid  theft etc we don't want people there just to watch. Reports, pictures and hopefully a video or two from the event will come up on the blog after the event.