Show us your collection

Part of the fun when playing 93/94 is the collection you accumulate over time, and show it of to others who understand the glory in playing with the finest cards in this games history. The amount of time you spend in earning the funds you need to go deep into the format, and the amount of time it takes to hunt for your precious gems.

So, from today and with a deadline on Wednesday the 11th of January I want you to take a picture/s on your collection and mail (veganen [at] gmail [dot] com) the picture/s to me so you can have a brag post on the site. Ill start of with my entire collection (-1 Red Elemental Blast that I could not find).

My entire collection:

The green part of it (yea, green is not my favorite color):

The red part of it:

The black part of it:

The blue part of it:

The white part of it:

All the lands I got:

And finally, the Artifacts of my collection: