torsdag 15 mars 2012

two more decks in the Swedish meta

Eksem from Svenskamagic have completed his deck, and it looks sweet. Don't know about the Atogs, but I guess he have a better view on how they will work in an actual match. Sweet red aggro deck anyways.

Also, Jokemon seems to be getting closer and closer to a complete deck (from what I can count, it looks like he's missing 8 lands and a sideboard for his deck)

Sweet decks, and nice to see people getting invested in the format that after all represent the best period in Magic the Gatherings history.

5 kommentarer:

  1. It is complete =) The lands are there in a pile, and I choose not to show the sideboard to hide my sweet tech.

    1. Aha. Secret Tech you say... Unfair... =P

  2. Who said Magic was fair? ;)

  3. True. If magic where a fair game, we would first need to define fair, and then remove the random factor I guess.

    And yes, there's a reason why we play magic and not chess. =)