fredag 28 december 2012

The BSK finals (coverage by Kalle Nord)

Kalle Nord wrote this detailed account of the BSK 2012 finals, complete with turn-by-turn actions and lots of pictures. Enjoy!

After BSK in November, where we ran out of time to play the final, we have been puzzling hard to find a final date when we both could play (we live in different cities). Finally something happened, and at Saturday the 15th this month, Elof came over to my place to battle it out!

My first intention was to film the entire final, but some things just don't add up as you want. Instead I had to film the entire thing with a crappy web cam, which I then could backtrack as notes when I would write the report. But the camera is not the only thing crappy with my computer, so the recording stopped 2 minutes into the second duel, creating a small gap in the match.
Trying to do a report in this way is not anything I would recommend, it takes fucking ages! The recordings were blurry, small, mirror reversed and overall hard to decipher. I constantly had to double check with the photos we took to get it right. Therefore, it may contain some small errors and for an example, during the third duel; I got no information about the endless amounts of cards discarded to scepters.

Except for the fact that we are talking about the best kind of Magic, I wasn't very stoked to play the final. I was quite bored with my deck, didn't liked my sideboard plan vs control (I never playtest before tournaments) and overall tired of grinding control, especially vs a good player like Elof.

Elof, the methodical control player.

Classic theDeck in our meta, note Balance in the SB(!)

Me; Kalle, the casual wildcard.

My Prison-theDeck, relies more on fluke then skills. The covered card is my Giant Shark with a list of people I need to sign it :)

Duell 1.

Me (mull): Mox Pearl, Mana Drain, Balance, Library of Alexandria, Winter Orb, Howling Mine
Elof (mull): Volcanic Island, Mana Drain, Underground Sea, Disrupting Scepter, Tundra, Time Walk

1.K: Library of Alexandria, Mox Pearl, Balance. My land goes, Elof discards Volcanic Island, Disrupting Scepter and Time Walk.
2.E: Tundra
3.K: pass
4.E: Underground Sea
5.K: pass (Elof Ancestral Recall)

6.E: pass
7.K: pass
8.E: pass
9.K: Underground Sea
10.E: pass. Discards a card

11.K: pass
12.E: Mishra's Factory.
13.K: Time Walk
14.K: Tundra, Fellwar Stone, Elof Mana Drains.
15.E: Demonic Tutor, Library of Alexandria (6 cards in hand). Beats 2 with Mishra's Factory.

16.K: Winter Orb.
17.E: Draws with Library of Alexandria. Mox Jet.
18.K: Mishra's Factory. Relic Barrier. Elof Disenchants Winter Orb, I Mana Drain.
19.E: (Taps Mox Jet with Relic Barrier)
20.K: Tundra, Howling Mine. Elof Disenchants Winter Orb.

21.E: (Taps Howling Mine with Relic Barrier) Draws with Library of Alexandria. Volcanic Island.
22.K: Draws with Howling Mine. Chaos Orb, Elof Mana Drains. Maze of Ith.
23.E: (Taps Howling Mine with Relic Barrier) Draws with Library of Alexandria. Mishra's Factory, Jaymdae Tome.
24.K: Draws with Howling Mine. Mox Jet. (Draws with Jayemdae Tome)
25.E: (Taps Howling Mine with Relic Barrier) Fellwar Stone. Draws with Library of Alexandria. Tundra.

26.K: Draws with Howling Mine. Volcanic Island, Demonic Tutor, Elof Counterspells. Icy Manipulator. (Draws with Jaymdae Tome)
27.E: (Taps Howling Mine with Relic Barrier) Draws with Library of Alexandria. Recall, discards 3 Swords to Plowshares, returns Ancestral Recall, Time Walk and Disenchant. Time Walk.
28.E: Draws with Library of Alexandria. Mox Pearl, Disenchants Howling Mine. (Icy Manipulator / Draws with Jaymdae Tome)
29.K: Howling Mine, Elof Counterspells. Disenchants Jayemdae Tome. Beats 2 with Mishra's Factory.
30.E: Draws with Library of Alexandria. Disrupting Scepter. Uses Disrupting Scepter, I discard Fireball.

31.K: Howling Mine. Attacks with Mishra's Factory, Elof Lightning Bolts.
32.E: (Taps Howling Mine with Relic Barrier) Draws with Library of Alexandria. Ancestral Recall, Tundra, Fellwar Stone. Uses Disrupting Scepter, I Lightning Bolt Elof (15), discard none.
33,K: Draws with Howling Mine. Disenchants Disrupting Scepter. Strip Mine, destroys Library of Alexandria.
34.E: (Taps Howling Mine with Relic Barrier) Jayemdae Tome. Draws with Jayemdae Tome.
35.K: Draws with Howling Mine. Volcanic Island.

36.E: (Taps Howling Mine with Relic Barrier) Mishra's Factory. Draws with Jayemdae Tome.
37.K: Draws with Howling Mine. City of Brass.
38.E: (Taps Howling Mine with Relic Barrier) Mishra's Factory. 3 Mishra's Factory attacks for 4 damage (Icy Manipulator and Maze of Ith)(14).
39.K: Draws with Howling Mine. Regrowth Balance(1 City of Brass damage), Balance, Elof Counterspells. Mind Twist X=4, Elof Mana Drains,
40.E: (Taps Howling Mine with Relic Barrier) Draws with Jayemdae Tome. 4 Mishra's Factory attacks for 7 damage (Maze of Ith)(14).

41.K: Draws with Howling Mine.
42.E: (Taps Howling Mine with Relic Barrier) 4 Mishra's Factory attacks for 5 damage (Icy Manipulator and Maze of Ith)(0).

The last rounds of the duell is a long (and quite embarassing) series of dumb play choices by me, even ending the game with playable cards in hand! Hardly no sleep and skipping breakfast in favor for early drinking might not have been the best of choices.

My sideboarding for the second and third duell was the same:

-1 Chaos Orb -2 Howling Mine -1 Mishra's Workshop -1 Mirror Universe -1 Fireball
+3 Red Elemental Blast +1 Disenchant +1 Disrupting Scepter +1 Dust to Dust

Chaos Orb is tricky when you're not warmed up and had a couple of beers, so it goes. Keeping Maze of Ith in and not Fireball was just wrong.

Duell 2.

The second duell was the shortest of them all, just under 20 played rounds.
I start off with land, Mox Jet, Fellwar Stone and Elof answers with Mishra's Factory and Sol Ring (after a double mulligan). My second turn Relic Barrier stops his Sol Ring and another one shuts down a Mox Ruby. My Mishra eats Strip Mine, I Disenchant his Sol Ring and he Mana Drains both a Howling Mine and an Icy Manipulator. Then I draw Ancestral Recall, netting me double Mishra's Factory. They start beating past his blockers (thanks to 2x Relic Barrier) and paired with some City of Brass activations from his side keeps him within bolt-range.

Duell 3.

Me: City of Brass, Mind Twist, Time Walk, Howling Mine, Disrupting Scepter, Library of Alexandria, City of Brass
Elof: Strip Mine, Mana Drain, Counterspell, Sol Ring, Mox Pearl, Ancestral Recall, Underground Sea

1.E: Underground Sea, Ancestral Recall, Mox Pearl, Sol Ring, Fellwar Stone.
2.K: Library of Alexandria.
3:E: Strip Mine, Strip Mines Library of Alexandria (I draw a card).
4.K: Mishra's Factory, Mox Sapphire, Time Walk.
5.K: Mox Jet, City of Brass.

6.E: City of Brass.
7.K: City of Brass, Disrupting Scepter, Elof Counterspells, I Mana Drain back. He Divine Offerings Disrupting Scepter.
8.E: Mishra's Factory.
9.K: Mind Twist x=3, Elof Counterspells, I Mana Drain back, he discards 2x Mana Drain (empty hand).
10.E: Mind Twist x=2, I discard Howling Mine and Dust to Dust (empty hand). Mishra's Factory beats 2. (Elof at 23, me at 14 due to 2x City of Brass)

11.K: pass
12.E: pass
13.K: Mishra's Factory. Beats 3 with Mishra's Factory.
14.E: Beats 2 with Mishra's Factory.
15.K: Attacks with 2x Mishra's Factory, he Disenchants one.

16.E: Beats 2 with Mishra's Factory.
17.K: Recall X=1, he Counterspells.
18.E: Beats 2 with Mishra's Factory (me at 8)
19.K: Mishra's Factory.
20.E: Pass.

21.K: Icy Manipulator.
22.E: Recall X=2, discards two unknown cards, returns Ancestral Recall and Divine Offering. Ancestral Recall, City of Brass.
23.K: Howling Mine.
24.E: (Taps Howling Mine with Icy Manipulator) Disrupting Scepter. Uses Disrupting Scepter, I discard unknown (empty hand). Divine Offering destroys Icy Manipulator.
25.K: Draws with Howling Mine. Ancestral Recall, he Counterspells. Strip Mine; destroys Mishra's Factory. Beats 4 with Mishra's Factorys (he's at 16) .

26.E: Draws with Howling Mine. Disenchants Howling Mine.
27.K: Attacks with 2 Mishra's Factory, one gets Disenchant. Tundra.
28.E: Pass.
29.K: Volcanic Island,
30E: Tundra.

31.K: Fellwar Stone.
32.E: Pass.
33.K: Copy Artifact (Disrupting Scepter). Uses Disrupting Scepter, Elof discards unknown.
34.E: Pass.
35.K: Uses Disrupting Scepter, Elof discards unknown.

36.E: Jayemdae Tome, I Mana Drain.
37.K: Uses Disrupting Scepter, Elof discards unknown.
38.E: Uses Disrupting Scepter, I Disenchant Disrupting Scepter (empty hand).
39.K: Uses Disrupting Scepter, Elof discards unknown.
40.E: Pass.

41.K: Uses Disrupting Scepter, Elof discards unknown.
42.E: Jaymdae Tome.
43.K: Uses Disrupting Scepter, Elof discards unknown. Volcanic Island.
44.E: Draws with Jayemdae Tome. Beats 2 with Mishra's Factory. Uses Disrupting Scepter, I Lightning Bolt him (he's at 9).
45.K: Uses Disrupting Scepter, Elof discards unknown.

46.E: Uses Disrupting Scepter, I Lightning Bolt him. Beats 2 with Mishra's Factory (He's at 6, me at 4)
47.K: Regrowth (Ancestral Recall), Ancestral Recall, Maze of Ith.
48.E: Draws with Jayemdae Tome. Uses Disrupting Scepter, I discard unknown.
49.K: Uses Disrupting Scepter, Elof discards unknown.
50.E: Draws with Jayemdae Tome. Uses Disrupting Scepter, I discard unknown.

51.K: Uses Disrupting Scepter, Elof discards unknown.
52.E: Demonic Tutor, Fireball X=4.

And Elof wins the trophy!

After the final, some of us also played out "Gråberget Champs II". I wanted to include that report here too, but time ran out, so you have to wait a while.
Thanks for reading. 

söndag 23 december 2012

You're the inspiration.

Home in Gothenburg and joining some friends for pre-Christmas beer and magic tonight. Life is easy.

As an early Christmas present, I present one of the sweetest decks I've ever seen in the format; the Moss Monster deck. The deck is a pile of Aisling Leprechauns, Ifh-Biff Efreets, green circles and green wards. If you've never seen someone play Lifelace on an otherwise match-winning Earthquake in order to survive completely unscathed due to circles and wards, you have something to add to the nerdy part of your bucket list. I'm sorry that I don't have any more complete pictures of the deck (it's all bb and looks beautiful).

Per Olofsson is doing it right.

1 Moss Monster
3 Aisling Leprechaun
2 Force of Nature
2 Ifh-Biff Efreet
1 Verduran Enchantress
1 Veteran Bodyguard

1 Gaea’s Touch
1 Cyclone
1 Sylvan Library
4 Green Ward
4 Circle of Protection: Green
2 Spirit Link

3 Hurricane
1 Regrowth
3 Untamed Wilds

3 Lifelace
2 Disenchant
1 Tawnos’s Coffin
1 Icy Manipulator
1 Sol Ring
1 Mox Emerald
1 Mox Pearl
2 Fellwar Stone

LANDS (18)
1 Library of Alexandria
1 Maze of Ith
1 Pendelhaven
1 Strip Mine
4 Plains
10 Forest

1 Disenchant
1 Circle of Protection: Red
1 Crumble
1 Dust to Dust
1 Blaze of Glory
1 King Suleiman
1 Aisling Leprechaun
3 Lifeforce
3 Tsunami
1 Hurricane
1 Equinox

lördag 22 december 2012

The Erhnam Deck (Top8 BSK)

Dan Holm was one of the first players outside of Gothenburg that joined the old school community. His first tournament was the GP Rotary in 2010, and he followed that up by winning BSK 2010 with a deck that contained big fliers, Moat and Spirit Link. Since he usually is busy during the Easter (and hence n00bcon), the last time we saw him before BSK 2012 was at BSK 2011, were he was defeated in the top8 by eventual winner Robert Schram.

This year he played in the BSK top8 for the third consecutive year. The deck was created by n00bcon top4 competitor Nesid, and consists of 4 Erhnam, 4 Mishra, lots of mana acceleration, burn, and lots of restricted cards. His first turn, first game, first match of the tournament was btw Channel, Mind Twist, Chaos Orb. A nice way to start the tournament :)

The Erhnam Deck
4 Erhnam Djinn

1 Fastbond

2 Fireball
1 Recall
1 Demonic Tutor
1 Timetwister
1 Time Walk
1 Regrowth
1 Wheel of Fortune
1 Mind Twist
1 Amnesia
1 Braingeyser
1 Detonate
1 Channel

3 Lightning Bolt
4 Mana Drain
1 Red Elemental Blast
1 Ancestral Recall
1 Jayemdae Tome
1 Mirror Universe
1 Chaos Orb
4 Fellwar Stone
1 Sol Ring
1 Black Lotus
1 Mox Sapphire
1 Mox Emerald
1 Mox Jet
1 Mox Pearl
1 Mox Ruby
1 Mana Vault

LANDS (18)
1 Library of Alexandria
1 Strip Mine
1 Underground Sea
3 Volcanic Island
4 Tropical Island
4 City of Brass
4 Mishra’s Factory

1 The Abyss
2 Disenchant
3 Red Elemental Blast
2 Blue Elemental Blast
2 Ivory Tower
2 Divine Offering
1 Counterspell
1 Serra Angel
1 Control Magic

torsdag 20 december 2012

Showdown in Toronto

Last Saturday marked a historical event for the 93/94 community, when our hero Fab gathered a crew of old school players to duel in Toronto. The reports state went very well, and Fab has hopes of over 10 people joining up for a coming tournament in the early months of next year. He sent me some pics and a video of good people playing good magic; enjoy :) (click the images to expand them)

(That's an awesome flip, and it almost makes me want to retract our one-card errata on the orb.)

tisdag 18 december 2012

An invite from the format's memory lane

I've been posting more frequently recently. I guess that it has to do with the fact that I have a working connection after 6 weeks, in combination with the fact that during these six weeks people from around the world (well, Canada and Germany at least) have contacted me and expressed their appreciation of the format. Also, I'm in exile from my playing crew and my cards, and feel some urges to play again. Tonight, after an after-work data base workshop on videolink from Stockholm, I walked home to my place in Munich. I found a dark backstreet pub and considered future topics for the blog (now that some people actually read it occasionally). How do we build decks without power? Is Ironclaw Orcs and Gaea's Avenger much better than people think? Why do we allow Chaos Orb? The question I've got from both the Germans and the Canadians was "how do we start a community".

I'm not sure. It might sound highly corny, but I think the secret ingredients are passion and joy. So far, since n00bcon 2012 last Easter, we have 51 players in Sweden with pimpwalker points; 51 different people played 93/94 in tournament these last nine months. I really wouldn't have guessed that five years ago. We've always include anyone who wanted to play and managed to scramble together any legal deck, and at the same time kept at the side of the more competitive players and events. In the beginning, we had a hard time planning for tournaments, and n00bcon I actually never had a tournament (the first world championships was at n00bcon II, which was won by Rickard "Pefken" Samuelsson).

I recently found the orginal invite poster for n00con I, enjoy in all it's Swedish glory (drawn by Kalle Nord):

måndag 17 december 2012

Field of the Sphinx Command (Top8 BSK)

Viktor, aka Oldschool, has a great talent for building strange but somehow functional decks. He won n00bcon 2011 with a deck that used Sylvan Library and Millstone to get Colossus of Sardia into the graveyard and animate them with All Hallow's Eve. He missed the Warcon top4 on tiebreakers with the innovative Land of the Lich; a deck that wins by abusing Lich with cards like Diamond Valley, Dark Heart of the Woods and Fastbond. This BSK he again surprised by going top8 with a strange brew that maindecks two Field of Dreams.

The idea is that field of dreams combos well with cards that otherwise might have a more random effect. With the field, you'll always hit with Petra Sphinx, and Nebuchadnezzar becomes much more effective. Even cards like Word of Command and Millstone gets a great deal better at controlling the game. The fact that the field can also kill a random Land's Edge or Nether Void for one blue mana is just gravy. The sideboard is btw "14 cards against The Deck and one Giant Shark". Classy :)

2    Petra Sphinx
2    Nebuchadnezzar
2    Hypnotic Specter

2    Field of Dreams

1    Timetwister
1    Time Walk
1    Demonic Tutor
1    Mind Twist
1    Balance
1    Wrath of God
1    Recall
1    Braingeyser
1    Ancestral Recall
3    Disenchant
3    Swords to Plowshares
4    Mana Drain
2    Word of Command

1    Sol Ring
1    Black Lotus
1    Disrupting Scepter
3    Millstone
1    Mox Sapphire
1    Mox Pearl
1    Mox Jet

LANDS (22)
1    Maze of Ith
3    Scrubland
4    Tundra
4    City of Brass
4    Underground Sea
1    Library of Alexandria
4    Mishra’s Factory
1    Strip Mine
2    The Abyss
1    Giant Shark
1    Field of Dreams
3    Counterspell
3    Underworld Dreams
2    Blue Elemental Blast
1    Boomerang
2    Jade Statue

Topdecking power on both sides of the table, and the board state seems fairly complicated. (Note that one of the Fields is in his graveyard, it's a very small table.)

söndag 16 december 2012

BSK finals, playoff in Toronto, and more Canadians

The BSK finals was held yesterday in Gothenburg. After an exciting but fairly short final (just above the hour), Elof emerged as the champion after a Demonic Tutor for Fireball in top-deck mode.

Elof. Your parents will love him.

This is his second shark in two tournaments! A longer report and more pictures will be provided by Elof/Kalle during the coming week. At the same time there was a smaller tournament at the same location, I'll be sure to post about that as well when I have more info.

The champion being crowned means that we can also finally update the pimpwalker points score for BSK. Currently we have the following t8, with a little more than 3 months left of the season (but no really big tournaments left):

1. Egget    60p
2. Pefken    56p
3. Elof    41p
4. Schram    39p
5. GaJol    29p
6. Mg    22p
7. Honka    21p
8. Almelund    20p

The Toronto crew headed by Fabian Sanglard held a first gathering yesterday to get a feel of the format. Apparently it went very well, and how could it not with beautiful decks like this one (courtesy of Jason Pilarski):


I'll hopefully get some more pictures from the event later during this week as well.

I've also been contacted by another group of Canadians this weekend, a Dave from the west cost. Him and his friends had played a format with the same legal sets as this one, but with a highlander rule to increase the variation. After finding this blog he said that they were going to start building decks with 4-off using our B&R, and I'm looking forward to some sweet lists from them!

lördag 15 december 2012

Up and running! Toronto, Regensburg, and BSK finals.

I've moved four times in the last four months, in three different countries. Not long before that I'd been living in the same spot for over 6 years. Life and living situations changes as I get older, and it gets harder to keep in touch with my friends and many parts of my nerdy side. I like me some nostalgia every now and then, and I really feel that this format is a good excuse for me to meet both old and new friends.

As I stated previously, I'm sorry that there has been no movement here since BSK. I've changed country and moved twice since then, and sometimes it feels like a solid internet connection in Bavaria is more of luxury than a necessity. By now I'm settled however, and access shouldn't be a problem anymore.

These are exciting times! The last 6 weeks has been great for our community. We've had BSK 2012, which was the largest BSK to date (second largest tournament overall), and at this point our hotel suites has become almost a convention in it's own. There were two 93/94 cubes, two constructed tournaments in the format, and lots of sweet casual playing in other formats in the suites as well. The days before BSK I was contacted by our first non-Scandinavian player, Fabien Sanglard, and he is starting up 93/94 magic in Canada. Tomorrow (15/12) he will have the first ever non-Scandinavian 93/94 tournament in Toronto. I'm really looking forward to hear about how it went, and hopefully we can get some sweet pictures and stories to post here. Fabian has btw started up a local 93/94 Toronto website, with a design that really stands out. It's a great page with great decks, and you should really check out his analysis of the 94 World Championship final. You can find it at As a final and very sweet point in the exciting times agenda, I've recently been contacted by a Martin from Regensburg, Germany. Martin and a friend of his had been playing something similar to 93/94 for some time, and he had questions about possibilities to start something up in Germany. Since I work in Munich until the end of March, I'm currently only about 120 km away from Regensburg, and I'll be sure to bring my cards down from Sweden after the holidays. The community is truly getting international, and hopefully the next World Championship will have players that actually comes from different parts of the world, rather just Scandinavians.

Tomorrow does not only mark the first 93/94 tournament in another continent, it's also the date when the finals of BSK 2012 will be held! The finals was never played in Borås five weeks ago due to various reasons, and tomorrow the two finalists from different parts of Sweden will join together in Gothenburg to play it off. The finalist are both real giants in the format; Kalle Nord and Elof Gottfridson. This is one of the 2 shark tournaments each year, and the stakes in honour are as high as they get. (Trivia: There has actually been sharks at other "special occasion" tournaments. We've had a giant shark as price twice outside n00bcon and BSK before; once 2009 at a tournament adjacent to a GP, and once 2012 at the first Warcon tournament.)

Kalle's resume in 93/94 is unparalleled. He is a founder of the format, he won the first ever shark tournament, and he is in the lead of the Pimpwalker Points race with an assumed 57 points. He also started the first dedicated 93/94 forum in Sweden, and is a good guy in general. Kalle simply does not ever miss a t8, and he might be the player that has played the most tournament games of 93/94 in the world. There is a picture of his decklist in the BSK blog post below.

Elof has been a supporting spectator of the format since the very beginning. Even thought that, he is fairly new as an actual player of 93/94, with a year of experience. He is a master at eternal formats, and is considered among the very best of Swedish legacy players. He has been the best Swedish player in multiple European legacy GPs, he has won the Scandinavian Masters, and he is in my personal top4 of technical players that plays this format (the others would probably be Pefken, Nesid, and Ferm btw). He won the Warcon tournament last summer without losing a game (with a The Deck without Lotus), he is a shark-winner, he does not make mistakes, and he is a great player under pressure. This is his list for tomorrow:

4 Tundra
4 Volcanic Island
2 Underground Sea
4 Mishra's Factory
1 Library of Alexandria
1 Strip Mine
3 City of Brass
1 Maze of Ith

4 Swords to Plowshares
3 Disenchant
1 Divine Offering

4 Mana Drain
4 Counterspell
1 Ancestral Recall
1 Recall
1 Time Walk
1 Braingeyser

1 Mind Twist
1 Demonic Tutor

1 Lightning Bolt
2 Fireball

1 Mox Pearl
1 Mox Sapphire
1 Mox Jet
1 Mox Ruby
1 Mox Emerald
1 Sol Ring
4 Fellwar Stone
2 Disruptive Scepter
3 Jaymaede Tome

1 Disenchant
1 Divine Offering
2 Greater Realm of Preservation
4 Red Elemental Blast
4 Blue Elemental Blast
1 Control Magic
1 Balance
1 Giant Shark

Note that if you win a Shark, you play that Shark :)

I'll keep you posted about how the final goes, how the Toronto tournament goes, what happends in Germany, and what the other lists from the BSK t8 looked like. It's a great time to be a part of the community!