onsdag 25 november 2015

Gothenburg Invitiational and ramblings

Last weekend I attended the first Gothenburg Invitational 93/94 tournament in Gothenburg. It was a smashing event, hosted by the Master of enchantments and fine beer that is Kenneth Mossberg.
Åland builds his Moat with open containers. The lions are at bay.
I'm showing up to battle with flying 2/2s and the old fashion four-eyes look.
Kalle lucks his way to yet another final win. He has now won three of the last four big tournaments he has played. Soon I can't attribute it to just luck anymore.
Mid-nineties Swedish champion Nikolai "Now" Weibull beating down with goblins.
Not Dead Guy Ale, but Undead Party Crasher Porter maybe? Made it to top4 at least :)
The event was streamed live at twitch, and there might be some videos coming up in the future. The commentator had gotten a cold though, so instead of doing his job he sleeved up The Gun and drank cinnamon whisky. It might still be watchable if you are deep in the 93/94 mire :)

And this is going on:
I've started the signing and packing process for the #MtgForLife cards now. Again, for those of you who asked, the cards are all from my own collection and all of the money we've raised will go directly to MSF (apart from possibly transfer fees and such). And thanks again for all the backing, I'm really proud of what we've done! I realized that there was some issue with the shipping information for the "Fetcher" perk, so I'll be sending an email to the forty of you soon to make sure that I get your correct addresses. Might take some time before I get it all set up and sent though, there was a lot of good people backing and the cards in the picture is far from all I'll be bringing to the post office.

It's quite a lot on the plate right now other than Magic, so I'll keep it reasonably short today. If you urge for some sweet tech, I'll be updating the Decks to Beat section with the decks from the Joypad Open, Wexio, Moss and BSK tournaments in the next couple of days. Before that though, I highly recommend checking out Christopher Cooper's article at manaleak.com about getting into the format on a budget. The UK players permit a few more reprint sets (from 94-95), but the ideas about deck building and budgeting are great regardless of where your group chose to draw the line. Well, at least up to the point where you would start playing with Blood Moon from Modern Masters and Serendib Efreet from From the Vault, but at that point I think you'd be doing Old School blatantly wrong ;)
You are awesome btw @Oldschoolmtg :)

onsdag 18 november 2015

Stream of #MtgForLife

"With 10,000 dollars, we'd be millionaries! We could buy all kinds of useful things... like love!"
-Homer Simpson

It was a success. $12,692 has been contributed by over a hundred players of the mtgunderground. We've managed to do this without any support from the larger stores like SCG or CardKingdom. We've spread the word on informal channels, zero fucks given about the discomfort in asking fellow players to look at situations worse than thier own. This is not a political thing, it is a simple humanitarian thing. It's about acknowledging people who have been dealt a crappy hand in life and helping those who help in what way we can. It's about giving up a small part of our own luxury to help other people's lifes move from 'abysmal' to 'pretty harsh'.
#MtgForLife doesn't end just because the campaign is over. Today I recieved a mail from a guy in Norway who just had sold cards for $90 and asked where he should donate them now that the Indiegogo campaign is done (this could be a good start). Another guy just sent me a message on Twitter asking the same. Yet another guy posted a comment here the other day saying that he runs a charity auction that will end in a month. We can still keep the spirit of this alive. In the last post, Felipe wrote about how Magic had helped him find friends and easier get in to the Swedish society when he moved here a couple of years back. Maybe we could build a few cheap decks from our bulk, give them to a local refugee camp, and teach a few Syrians how to play Magic? Regardless of where we go from here, we should be proud right now. There are some seriously good people in this community.
And not that many Trolls.
It will take a week or two before I can transfer the money to MSF. Indiegogo estimated 10-15 days after the campaign is over before the accounts have been verified and the money has been transferred from the campaign. I'll also need some time before I can send out all the perks. People from all over the world have contributed, and I need to get deep into the world of stamps. There are also a couple of cards (including the Mox) that I'd like to alter before sending them out, and I haven't had the chance to fix that yet. So please be patient. And who gets the Mox? Well, I took all the people who had contributed $100 and added them to a spread sheet. Then I took the people who had contributed more than that, and added them again for each extra $100-150. I figured that would be the most fair, as those who contributed e.g. one $500 donation could have picked more potential "tickets" with five $100 contributions. That gave me about 80 names. So I opened an R-interpreter, typed sample(1,80:1) and got a random name from that list. I guess that I could just have sat down and picked someone myself of the list, but I think that randomness is the most fair way to go here. If the guy who gets it already has a red Mox, I guess that person could just sell it and use the money for something sweet.

What else? This weekend I'll be travelling to Sweden and Gothenburg to play at the first Gothenburg Invitational 93/94 tournament. The organizers will show the tournament on twitch, so if you want to see players like Kalle Nord, Olle Råde and Freespace misplay with the oldest of cards you could watch it live. You can check out the facebook page if you're interested.

I'm not sure what to play yet. Both Troll Disco and Deadguy Ale looks really sweet, but I don't have enough of the cards. Armageddon looks really strong right now, so I've been thinking a lot about different takes on WW. I've also thought about upgrading Project M to some sort of Power M for the tournament, playing the full Nine and Power Artifact combo, but Guardian Beast making you unable to enchant your artifacts is actually a real hassle. Serendib Djinn / Land Equilibrium combo? Some pile with 4-of Tetravus? More than two days left, so I guess I have time to figure something out.

If you want to play some real Magic yourself, Erik "Sehl" Larsson will host the second edition of Sehlskapsspelen in Åsa, Sweden, December 18th. Looks like a sweet gathering with rad mages.

I'm very proud of what we achieved with #MtgForLife. This is a great community. Keep the mindset alive.

söndag 15 november 2015

Two and a half days left: Felipe's Time Vault

It's a little over two days left on the #MtgForLife campaign. It's a different climate than just a couple of days ago.

I think a lot about what happened in Paris yesterday. I also think that thinking or praying isn't enough. Is there something that you can actually do, if even at a micro level, to help someone or change things for the better?

The $12,257 we've collected for MSF of course wont create world peace alone. But it will help a lot more than $0 would. Everything is pretty fucked up right now. I'm glad to be around people who cares about changing it for the better rather than scream for more blood.

I'm going back down now to our casual realm of card games. Today we have a special treat from one of the top techers and good guys in the format, I give the word to our own Felipe Garcia. Enjoy :) /Mg out


A couple of weeks ago the BSK gaming convention was held in the Swedish city of Borås. The yearly BSK oldschool tournament at the site attracted 55 players. Six rounds of swiss and a top 8 gave us a Hall of Fame champion: Olle Råde.

I played Time Vault combo for the second time after the last n00bcon tournament and placed 10th, missing the top 8 on a close game based on some unfortunate misplays.

I am going to talk a little about the deck here as it has caused some curiosity among opponents and because I think combo is a bit underdeveloped in the current 93/94 meta. The list is somehow self explanatory but I will go through it a little just to clarify its goal and go a deeper into some of its synergies.
Conceptually in the game, the sequences of turns equals to the speed of actions made by two opponents in a duel. Ideally, both players would play simultaneously, but this is almost impossible to recreate in a real game. So if we could play two turns for every turn the opponent has, this would mean we would be moving twice as fast. The average amount of turns played by this deck per match is more than twice the turns our enemy usually have. We would be conceptually moving, drawing and casting spells much faster. Isn't it cool!

The deck's goal is to develop mana and play some card drawing accelerators on the first few turns, preparing the ground for a chain of extra turns out of the Time Vault-Twiddle combination. This must be done with some caution depending of the opponent's strategy. I will go deeper on how to play it against the current archetypes further down on this article.

The mana base is focussed on blue producing lands and mana accelerators. Among them the Mana Vault is of extreme importance as it helps us to lower our life down to an optimal Mirror exchange point and trades through transmute artifact into Howling Mines or combo pieces.

The defense block is prepared to fight against our most feared enemy: The Deck. The maindeck Red Elemental Blast is for both counter fights and to remove our own Stasis. The Power Sink is extremely valuable as we will often have more mana than the opponent. For optimal value it must be played on opponents turn to tap out his mana preparing for a more comfortable combo turn. The Hurkyl's Recall is a tech choice which has proved to be critical in my recent games. Against control the usual play is as follows: at the end of a turn in which a Mishra's Factory attacked you, you cast Hurkyl's backed up with Power Sink and they will usually lose a land drop, bounce up some mana producing artifacts and subsequently discard some of those cards. Hurkyl's Recall is extremely powerful in the current meta due to lots of deck which run four Jayemdae Tome and 4 Fellwar Stone. They also work very well in combination with Timetwister, Balance and Wheel of Fortune. On top of that, they also won some matches without the Mirror combo just bouncing a couple of Mana Vaults and moxes for a lethal 20 points Fireball.

On the card advantage there are not too many things to clarify. We could only point out the importance of the Sylvan Library which helps you at drawing, searching and lowering your life total. The ability to shuffle the library through Transmute Artifact help you search for the cards needed any specific situation. I have also tried it in combination with Bazaar of Baghdad and it has proven really useful. I finally cut the Bazaar because it was somehow a "win-more" card and didn't really help in tight situations.

For the combo itself I would advise a lot of practising, because even when you have two Howling Mines and a Sylvan Library on the table it can be a little tricky. Before using Twiddles on the Vault we normally want to maximize the effect of the extra turns by playing as many Mines as possible. Remember to use wisely the shuffling ability of Transmute Artifact. The deck can take infinite turns with the Regrowth/Timetwister combination but remember that Recall is a one time use card so use it carefully.

The lone Stasis can be used as another Time Walk in this deck in combination with Time Vault, giving us some more time to gather our combo pieces and lock opponent down for a few turns. Never play it just on top of some howling mines because you need some protection and a way to minimize its effect on yourself (REB or Time Vault). Another techy card is Reconstruction. This card is awesome in combination with Mana Vault and Transmute Artifact, as it allows us to reach ridiculous amounts of mana with Black Lotus. Perfect before a draw7 or an Amnesia.

Strategy against the current meta decks:

Playing against Control
Against control decks we only have to focus on their mana. There is no Force of Will in 93/94 which is crucial for us. They can have a full hand with Library of Alexandria, Jayemdae and two Factories in play, but if they are out of blue mana during our turn they are dead anyway. Sylvan Library is extremely useful in this matchup because it allows us to do a lot of different tricks. They are very slow on lowering our life so we can take advantage of its -4 ability two or three times without worries. I always try to keep a Demonic Tutor or a draw7 on top without drawing it in order to have a chance of recovery after a big Mind Twist. In this matchup we have to be very cautious casting Howling Mines before comboing because a Time Walk-Regrowth-Time Walk from their side would be critical.

The strategy here is to gather some defense, develop mana and use their end step to eventually tap them out through Hurkyl's and Power Sink.

Playing against Aggro
I will divide aggro in two groups, the one with Disenchants and the one with burn. Against the first group we have to play fast and try to bait out some Disenchants on your early howling mines. Try to wait or force them to tap out before comboing off. Against the burn group, it is usually easier. It is similar to the control matchup in the sense of mana counting, but in this case instead of counting blue mana for counters, we should count red mana for instant speed burn spells. On top of that I usually run some copies of Fog which is a one green mana Time Walk against aggro decks.

Playing against Combo
I haven't had the chance to play against many combo decks in 93/94 tournaments apart from Enchantress or Lands Edge. On those matches I noticed that we can be a little bit more explosive than them so we could wait until the optimal spot without exposing our pieces or strategy. The deck can disguise itself as some kind of control until it finds the spot to finish the enemy from full life without giving them the chance to have another turn.
There is one card to be feared over all the rest which is Underworld Dreams. Save counters and sideboard the 4 disenchant in that case. Other annoying threats like Black Vise or Copper Tablet are much more easily to answer with Hurkyl's Recall.

A short example from BSK
Second match in the swiss against Icelander (finalist in the 57 player n00bcon 7 tournament).

Icelander plays a heavy control version of The deck with Factories as the main win condition. I begin with a hand with very little defense so I decide to go full throttle from the beginning so I play land, mox and Howling Mine, hoping to not face a Time Walk soon from his side.

He answer with some mana accelerators and a Mind Twist to make me discard my whole hand. At least he is tapped out, I thought. On the following turns I play the rest of my three Howling Mines as he develops his mana sources with Fellwar Stones and Factories. He was sitting on some counters and decided to let the Howling Mines resolve as he was taking advantage of them. Finally I gathered some defense and when he tapped out for a big threat I played Hurkyl's Recall on his step which would have bounced seven artifacts and two factories. He fought the counter-fight over the Hurkyls', depleting his mana and rendering him helpless for my following turn when I could take seven extra turns in a row drawing 7 cards each turn.

On this tournament I played a transformation sideboard and sidedboarded out the combo to convert the deck into a full control version. He opened with Library of Alexandria and I answered with two Mana Vaults and a lethal Mind Twist which lock him down with the help of a transmuted Disrupting Scepter.

Finally I want to take the chance to speak a little bit more generally about our game. Unfortunately I won't be able to visit Nebraska's War tournament in Italy, so I will miss the great opportunity of meeting Richard Garfield in person. Nevertheless I want to say here what I would like to tell him in person. The game he created is great in many aspects. In my case I would like to point out that in my process of adapting to a new culture and country, the game has proven to be a wonderful communication tool. Sometimes we use clichés when we meet people from abroad which obstacle a fair understanding. Magic the Gathering creates a frame of communication and instant friendship which "exiles" automatically all those barriers that our minds create between people.

Adding "The gathering" to the game's name could have never been as accurate.


onsdag 11 november 2015

6 days left: The BSK top8, part 2

Six days left for the #MtgForLife campaign. A few days back we reached the $10,000 milestone we sat out at the start, but we keep charging. Right now, we've raised $12,052. We're at at a level where it sends a signal to and from the Magic community at large. Sometimes we need to raise our eyes from our playmats, and when we do, we have the opportunity to make a small difference. Ball Lightning if I ever saw it. Thanks for being awesome.

With the last week of the campaign in mind, let's check in on the rest of the mages from the BSK top8.
Hannes "Halo00" Löfgren, Andreas Rosén, Olle "Rolex" Råde, Martin Jordö.
Hannes "Halo00" Löfgren holds the distinction of being the youngest player in the format; at 22 years he's only slightly older than the cards themselves. That does not by any means say that he is low on experience with old cards though. Quite the opposite. Hannes slowly bought in to Legacy a bunch of years back while in school, and showed impressive results at the tournaments in Gothenburg early on. He started his transition to Vintage around 2011 (I think), and have since then become one of the arguably best players in the format in the North. After a usual string of great finishes, he convincingly topped the standings in the largest Swedish Vintage league last year (with yours truly quite a leap down at second place btw). He is a known quantity in the elimination rounds of eternal tournaments, this year including e.g. the Vintage nationals. Hannes started playing 93/94 a little over a year ago. After missing the top8 of last n00bcon on tiebreakers, this time his take on The Deck would take him to the top of the standings at BSK. And there's some solid tech right here! In particular his win conditions are a 3/2/2 split between Serra, Factories and Fireballs. The 3/0 split between main deck Books and Scepters and a few MD Lightning Bolts seems to have become conventional wisdom in later versions of The Deck.
Halo00's The Deck
For our next guy, Andreas Rosén, I actually know very little about him. I've heard that he comes from Norberg, a smaller city in Sweden, and visited BSK with a friend. But I'm surprisingly blank. A stout man with an arm covered in tattoos, smashing faces with second turn Juzam Djinns. Solid description of a 93/94 player for sure.

Deck of choice in his first 93/94 tournament though? Deadguy Ale. A really cool deck for those who dare pick it up. It combines the power of an early Juzam or Underworld Dreams with the best spot removals in the format; Disenchant, Swords to Plowshares and Sinkhole. It also has the ability to go first turn Hypnotic or just blow out the game with Balance or Mind Twist.  5-1 in the swiss. Who said you had to have blue power to get to the elimination rounds? Juzam has god damn five power on his own.
Andreas's Deadguy Ale
Olle "Rolex" Råde was "the first consensus 'best player in the world' in Pro Tour history". He was the first player with five PT top8s, the first Player of the Year, the first DCI Invitational winner, and got inducted in the first class of the Magic Hall of Fame. If you ever looked for a real old school Magic pro, Olle will fit your bill. About a year ago, Olle decided to show that he's still the man to beat when it comes to the oldest of cards. He first came to play 93/94 at BSK 2014, finishing with a 4-2 record and missing the top8 on tiebreakers with his The Deck (you can read his excellent report here). This year, his Efreets, Djinns and burn spells took him all the way to the top. "Feels like there's not that much more left to win now", as the new Shark-winner said with a smile.

Olle's deck is a next step in the evolution of UR Burn/Electric Eel Aggro. He's down to just five creature spells, all hailing from the island of Sri Lanka. Instead he's going strong with the burn suite and counters, and more control elements than we're used to. His pair of maindeck Blood Moons are complemented by cards like Amnesia, Disrupting Scepter and maindeck Red Elemental Blasts. A very solid tempo deck with few bad matchups.
Olle's UR Burn
Martin Jordö has pretty much always played Magic, at least for as long as the Nordic Magic scene is concerned. His story is tightly knit to the history of Magic in Sweden. He started playing in the spring of '94 with a pair of tournament packs and friend, playing ante for three months before before opening the door to boosters and other players. After getting his appetite for higher competition, he first appeared at the Pro Tour in 1996. He played a few PTs, top8'd a GP, and then became the first DCI manager of Sweden in 1997. Apart from a dispensation to play at PT Chicago in '97, that meant an end for his high level tournament play. He later became the first Level 3 Judge in Sweden. In 2002, he put his Wizard duties aside and started SvenskaMagic with two friends. With his new-found opportunity to play in tournaments, he started casting spells a little more competitive again and qualified for the Pro Tour during Kamigawa block. He then went on to open the gaming store Vasa Gaming (current Mindstage) in Gothenburg. And that's just a few of his milestones Magic-wise. Dude has done a lot of things, and the Swedish community would look very different without Martin in the picture.

Deck of choice? "Enchantress-less Enchantress". A Mirror Universe combo deck of sorts. Inspired by Mats Karlsson's Enchantress deck, but drawing on the power of the recently unrestricted Mirror Universe instead of the creatures of Verdura. The deck looks really sweet to play, and grossly unfair to play against.
Martin Jordö's MirrorBall
It is fun to see how both of the cards we unrestricted after n00bcon 7 make a big impact on the meta, and that both decks using Mirror Universe and Power Artifact show up in the top4 of a 55-player tournament six months later. Last year, it also took about half a year before we saw the full impact of unrestricted Mana Vaults in Atog Decks (as well as monoblue, combo and Nether Void). The ninth place deck was a really sweet pile as well btw; a BRG Land destruction deck without Nether Void. We also have quite a few other sweet piles that just missed out on the top8, including Time Vault combo and WW. Next time we'll take a deeper look at Vault combo with Felipe Garcia.

Six days left for #MtgForLife. Over $12,000. This is the spirit of the format.

fredag 6 november 2015

Day 29: Milestones and BSK Top8

Well I'll be a six-drop in a sligh deck. We've done this:
10,000 'murcan dollars! Well, actually $10,417 by now. You guys are awesome.
What now? We're going into Win-More. Still-had-all-deez mode. Of course we pursue. It's 11 days left, and we keep charging. Every contribution matters, and we have some momentum now. Even WotC is starting to take notice (Helene is the Director of Global Organized Play at Wizards):
So, if anyone from WotC is reading this and wants to get in, feel free to send me a message.


But now, lets go to some hot tech from the elimination rounds of BSK. I give you the first half of the BSK top8.
Erik Sundberg, Mikael Lindén, Per Algander, and Jocke Almelund.
Erik Sundberg is one of the real champions of exploring what can be done with the 93/94 cardpool. And I'm not just talking about 60-card constructed here. Erik has been hosting a 93/94 Cap Magic circle for some time (oldschoolcapmagic.wordpress.com), where the players "vote out" cards from the card pool after each session to make deck building more and more intricate. He recently hosted a 93/94 Rotisserie draft, a draft where every legal card in the format is layed out on a table, and each player gets to pick in order to draft a deck. A twist was that if you picked a restricted card, you only got one copy, but if you picked a non-restricted you got the full playset. So would you pick one Ancestral over e.g. four Lightning Bolts? Erik has played 93/94 in tournaments for a little over a year now, and is known to show up with some kind of weird home brew declaring that he has "broken the format". This time, he decided not to break the format for once, and instead sleeved up a solid copy of The Deck. With his deep knowledge about the format and the card pool, he was able to pilot it all the way to the top8.
Erik Sundberg's The Deck.
Mikael "Placebo blue" Linden is one of the absolute top Vintage players in Sweden. For more than a decade he has consistently been showing up at the top tables at Eternal tournaments and conventions. A couple of weeks ago he won the 50+ player MKM series Vintage tournament in Prague. He is also a super nice guy and one of the best opponents you could hope for in a tournament (as long as you don't mind losing). Mikael's deck of choice for this showdown was UR Burn, with some pretty cool twists. Mikael stocked up on more counterspells than normal, but in particular he opted for a very techy creature base. Rather than playing cards like Electric Eel and Flying Men, he went all in on Dandan and Kird Ape! Kird Ape is supported by a set of Taigas and Tropical Islands, without him playing any other green spells whatsoever. Solid call.
Mikael Linden's Monkey Burn
This was Per "hattper" Algander first 93/94 tournament. As an old Vintage and Legacy player, he showed that he is no scrub with the oldest cards. His Erhnam Djinns and Serras provided some serious tempo in the swiss, and he was able to take his Geddon-pile all the way to the elimination rounds. I love the super sweet tech with Lord Magnus in the sideboard btw, shutting off the drawback of Erhnam. The Tolaria is very nice as well. Solid tech against Unholy Citadel :)
Hattper's ErhnamGeddon
And finally we have Jocke Almelund. Of course we have Jocke Almelund. I don't know what to write that I didn't write in his top8 profile from BSK last year. Or his n00bcon profile from this year. Or in any of the other tournament where we've had profiles. Dude has top8'd n00bcon five out of six times, and the three times he has played at BSK he has top8'd twice and 3-0 dropped once. He won the first Pimpvitational. He has also played at the Pro Tour btw, I don't think I've mentioned that before. He is most probably the most skilled player in the format not to have won a Giant Shark yet. This time he set his The Deck aside, and took a Power Monolith combo all the way to the finals:
Jocke Almelund's Power Monolith.
We'll get back to the rest of the top8 players soon. Until then, feel pride. We've rasied god damn 10,417 'murcan dollars. You remind me of why I love this community. #MtgForLife.

tisdag 3 november 2015

Day 26: Pictures from BSK

Do we really care about the starting numbers? Sure, it's impressive that a casual old school tournament in Borås without any real price support gathers more players than the main Vintage event of the MKM series tournament in Prague. And it's sweet to see that the old players keep coming back, and that new players are attracted to the format every year, showing up to play with what they have. But what I really like is this:
That's during round six of the BSK tournament. Of the 55 players in the tournament, pretty much none has dropped. People are playing at the 0-5 table. Players play because they like the game and enjoy company of the other players. There are no draws here, and players gonna play.

This year, the 93/94 tournament at BSK took place at the main Magic room at the convention. It was the first time we did this. Moving from the hotel bar in 2010 to hotel rooms in 2011, then to hotel suits in 2012 and 2013, to a secluded part of the convention building in 2014, and now into the main area. It could have felt a little weird, but the guys organizing the Magic part of BSK helped us a lot with the set up and made us feel very welcome. No trashtalk about being exclusive or too casual. In Borås, the #mtgunderground is well respected. Here, the grinders, the EDH crew, the FNM casuals and the 93/94 players embrace their differences in a greater community. It's a good place to play Magic.

I'll get to sweet tech and top8 profiles later in the week, but for now, lets enjoy some pictures from the event.
The deck mirror. One of the more intricate ways to play Magic, as long as no one starts with Library of Alexandria
Erik Sunberg vs Halo00. For once, Erik decided to not break the format.
It later became a Serra Angel for the win.
Late game at the top tables. Olle Råde versus n00bcon7 top8 player Emil Klintbäck. Some real old school mages.
WW Mirror. Would you sideboard out Crusade?
Felipe Garcia going for the combo. He took ten turns in a row before killing me with Mirror + Fireball. Very cool deck that we'll look deeper into soon.
William vs Emil. William owns the Mindstage store, Gothenburgs prime LGS, and this was the first time he had sleeved up for 93/94. Good guy!
Long time 93/94 supporter Olof Svanberg's Killer Bees vs n00bcon finalist Icelander's The Deck.
Su-Chi beatdown and lands over spells.
Family feud.
Green vs White. Radjan Spirit is wicked tech.
Shivan and Serra? Scoop.
Enchantresses gonna enchant.
Dervish vs Monoblack somewhere in the middle.
JohanGuld from Arvika, 2013 BSK winner Brorsan from Varberg, and Mikael from Oslo.
Similar turn one as my opponent Elof. I prefer mine though ;)
The third and the first price. Second place gets nothing. "It should hurt to lose in the finals."
Top 8 showdown. Note the sign saying "Demo Magic" that was already at the table when we sat down. Good way to demo the game I guess :)
Both Sol'Kanar and Tetravus shows up for the quarterfinal win.
Hall of Famer Olle "Fusk-Olle" Råde claims the Shark, a small trophy and a bottle of Vodka after an impressive performance. Congrats and very well played!
The winning deck.
And #MtgForLife? We've just passed $9,000 after support from the Swedish Legacy nationals and players at BSK. Over 9,000 god damn dollars! Be proud! It's two weeks left, lets see how far where we can take this sucker.