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2020 Retrospective

"2020 is every Nic Cage movie, without Nic Cage."   - @DadThatWrites, July 19, 2020 Without going too deep into the whine mire, I think we can in good conscious acknowledge that, generally speaking, 2020 wasn't that great. Yeah, I know a lot of positive things happened. The vaccine development was astonishing. Polio got extinct from Nigeria, and with that from the whole African continent. Chile was declared free from landmines. The number of people dying in terror attacks declined for the fifth year in a row, and is now 59% lower than in 2014. Sudan stated they will end child marriage. Many countries started phasing out excessive use of plastic. There was a Brexit deal. And there's some sort of baby boom for lions and elephants in Kenya. And that's of course just scratching the surface. But in spite of all the good, 2020 was pretty rough. Human interactions were fewer and further between. Meeting people moved from being a necessity to a luxury. A