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Day 23: Notes from BSK

"Yo mama plays 40 creatures and 20 land"

BSK! In the middle of it right now. 55 players at the main 93/94 tournament, over a hundred at the Legacy Championships which supports #MtgForLife, and another 93/94 tournament coming up tonight. I'll be posting pictures, tech and trashtalk after the weekend.

And I've gotten my hands on this one from a guy in Norway:
That's pretty cool. They are, as always, not that easy to come by. I have a strong urge to add it to my TaxEdge deck, have it as a priced possession in my binder, or just build a casual circa 1995 Goblin deck and play it without sleeves in my local gaming store. Though I managed to complete my Nine last year, owning this tenth power card still feels precious. What if my girlfriend would start playing old school? With this, we could build an Electric Eel Aggro without having to fight over the Mox. Wouldn't it be cool to have two sets of power? Then we could build anything.

But that's not the ca…

Day 19: Masters across the globe

MtgForLife? Over $7,000 now. It's a humbling experience. I'm proud to be a part of it. It might not change the world, but we're doing something. We'll help someone.


In the last couple of weeks there have been quite a few gatherings for old school mages across the globe. In the wake of BSK, let's see what's the hottest tech in other parts of the world.

If we go back a little over a month, we have the first French champion from the first non-proxy event in Paris; Céderic Germain.
Damn sweet Deck. I guess that many of you are thinking one of three things. First: The Deck with only three maindeck Disenchants? It's not a mistake, but rather a pretty clever design. As the 93/94 scene in France is still fairly young, and building many decks in the format takes all the time in the world, the current French meta has a lot of beatdown. A maindeck Wrath of God can hence be a much more appropriate card than the fourth Disenchant.

Second: Yes, a couple of the duals…

Day 16: Erhnam Burn'em

The Arvika 93/94 scene is without a doubt one of my favorite playgroups. A bunch of thugs with awesome tech, a beer in hand, and a solid  "play with what you own mentality". They go to 93/94 FNMs in pubs, host their own sweet old school tournaments, and are always a pleasure to play against. For many of them, 93/94 is the only constructed format they play in tournaments.

One of the pioneers for Old School Magic in Arvika was Markus "KungMarkus" Guldbrandsson. Markus and his friend Berntsson from Arvika first visited n00bcon 6 during Easter 2014, and since then the scene has grown quickly.
Among the players that has started to play more frequently during the last year are Lennart and Johan Guldbrandsson, Markus's father and brother. This is about Johan.

JohanGuld is currently the highest rated player from Arvika in the pimpwalker race, clocking in at 36 points for the season. His deck of choice is RG Berserk, or Erhnam Burn'em, a pile we haven't seen tha…

Day 13: The Moss Deck

This is pretty damn cool:
That's the by far largest Swedish Magic site, having it's own MtgForLife page. The site is renowned enough on an international level that they get their own preview cards (like Eidolon of the Great Revel), and the founder of the site was a part of last years community team at Wizards Community Cup. They are backing the project with a lot of support both to spread the word and donate cards, and I didn't even have to ask. God damn that's a great site. Also the place for the original 93/94 forum btw.

And it's not only Sweden. This is the Norwegian counterpart:
$6,500 now. Cards sold to make up the $500 during the last three days include more than half of the profit from a Timetwister, a Liliana of the Veil, and a slew of fetchlands. Apart from the high activity in Sweden and Norway, it's so damn nice to see how most countries with an Old School community join in on the project. Denmark, Italy, Germany, US and Canada are backing up a lot. …

Day 10: Stasis

Didn't get the chance to update this Friday, so I'll compensate with both a card of the day and a decklist today. To keep the fun at a reasonable level though, let's talk about Stasis.
Stasis was a late addition to Alpha, one of the five rare cards added in the last minute "top-down cycle" of the set. The five cards in the cycle were reportedly added to make use of otherwise unused art, and the cards never got playtested before release. The five in question were Island Sanctuary, Stasis, Word of Command, Sedge Troll and Birds of Paradise. Some of these cards worked better than others, and e.g. Word of Command is easily in the top five of "cards-giving-rules-headaches" in Magic. The function of Stasis was inspired by the team working on Ice Age, and gave us a first peek on what would later become Cumulative Upkeep.

The art is a story in its own. In contrast to most of the other Magic artist, who were mainly local art school students, Fay Jones was an est…

Report from Moss and Day #6

So, MtgForLife. Quite a few cool things the last days! A big one is from the Legacy nationals in Sweden taking place October 30th. The organizers contacted me the other day and told me they wanted to support the campaign and decided to donate all the entry fees from the tournament to #MtgForLife. That is awesome. I guess it's time to build a Legacy deck again. Is Monoblack Necrotic Ooze a deck? We also have a few new backers from outside Scandinavia, which is great. The campaign has mostly been backed by players from Northen Europe yet, but it looks like its starting to spread.

But now, lets give the word to Lars Harald "Verzutiko" Nordli, head honcho and admin for, who organized last weekend's old school tournament in Moss, Norway. This is his story (with some pictures added by me). Enjoy! /Mg out


When I was about to organize Moss’ first convention, I knew that I wanted to have the 93/94-format on the program. Mostly of my own interes…

Power Monolith tech and #MtgForLife day 4

My original plan for this weekend was a trip to Munich for a company conference, but I eventually realized that it wasn't a sustainable plan. My girlfriend is leaving for a six-month mission in a few weeks, and a weekend with a packed schedule in another country didn't feel like the best of timings. A lot to do at work as well, so in the end I opted to stay in Oslo. And it was a good weekend to stay in Norway. Yesterday, the second non-proxy 93/94 tournament was hosted in Moss, about an hours drive away from my home.

It was a great tournament. No less than 26 people showed up, making this the second biggest non-shark tournament in Scandinavia yet. The store where we played had its own bar, the tech was plentiful, and the ambience was great. A big group from Arvika joined up, as well as a car from Varberg, and the latest n00bcon winner Kalle from Gothenburg. I started out at 0-2, but eventually picked up some victories for a 3-2 record, missing top8 on my horrible tiebreakers. …

#MtgForLife, day 2

When I first started thinking about #MtgForLife, I was actually a little worried. Worried that it would make people feel aliened, or that I brought up problems in the world people didn't want to hear about. Two days ago, before posting, I braced myself for haters, and hoped that the people who would see the importance of the issue would be able to raise at least a few hundred dollars in the 40 days. I've clearly been underestimating just how awesome this community is. Today, two days later, we have already raised god damn $3,461.
The response has simply been fantastic. It feels great to see how the community can gather to support people in an abysmal situation. And the plans are growing. People have started auctioning duals, 93/94, and pimp cards at the market place at - auctions like this one, this one, this one and this one - donating the future proceeds to the campaign. The guys running svenskamagic has not only donated cash from their own pockets, but also…


I have a plan. Bear with me, and I might give you a Mox. At the very least, I'll give you the chance to pimp a Magic card for a good cause.

We hear the news. We feel some kind of empathy for whatever war-torn country is the "flavor of the week", eventually shut down the tv, and go readily to sleep at night. But god damn. Fuck people shooting tear gas at boat refugees trying to find harbor, and fuck people who thinks owning a cell phone makes your home bomb proof.

The amount of refugees today can only be compared to the time of the Holocaust and WW2. Nearly 60 million people were forcibly displaced in 2014. That's one out of every 122 on the planet. Of these, the confilict in Syria is the single biggest one. 250 000 dead in the civil war so far, and Doctors without borders has reported that suppliers in Syria refuse to sell essential medical supplies such as gauze and surgical threads to doctors due to government intimidation.

Stay with me, duals and curses ahead.

I w…