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2019 Retrospective

I should still write one of these, right? Even though All Tings Considered already did it better, and Pitcast filled in any possible blanks? And with only 24 posts for the entire year, this being is my least productive year on the blag since 2011?

I suppose it is tradition at this point. This would after all be the seventh annual retrospective here. And looking back at something like 2013 or 2015 gives some perspective. Maybe I'll look at 2019 the same way in a few years. Quite a few things happened after all, and the coming decade surely looks interesting for the format.

I've played less Magic this year than most years before it. Not that I was growing bored, but rather that life in 2019 demanded a shifted focus. That's a good thing with a hobby though; it is a spice of life rather than a main dish. We are free to pepper to taste and occasionally social etiquitte have us cut back on garlic. Or something. And though fewer meals than usual, the quality of the herbs I got to…