2022 Introspective

So Mg, what have you been up to lately? ALL THE THINGS! On a personal level it probably happened more just last August than during the entirety of 2021. I've tried to sit down and summarize more than once, but I was facing a sort of change fatigue, and occasionally it was like my mind didn't fully get out of the pandemic. Sometimes it felt like I left a few things back in late 2020, like my ability to sit down and write. "Book of the Year (Non-Fiction)" would be Stolen Focus . So I've kinda plugged out from having the pulse on the global oldschool scene during the last year, focusing more on the IRL games I've come across and the slightly deeper underground. I guess I couldn't keep up with everything, and finding the hours to write - or even read - would sometimes feel like a chore more than a hobby. So I wrote less, followed less stuff on the internet, deleted my Twitter and Instagram accounts, and focused on my love for Magic and The Gathering. And some