Binders 101

After last month's adventure with sleeves, I figured it was high time to reconsider how I store cards outside my decks as well. Shoe boxes are fine and all for most trinkets, but when it comes to fancy 93/94 era cardboard, I am a man of binders. Flipping through a binder like a tome of yore comes with far greater pleasure than brutishly shuffling stacks of cards around. Also it is a noble and elegant way to store a gentleman's collectibles.

Event Cards

My plan today was to write about old rules, and how they are weird. It is a pretty fun topic, and one that has a tendency to spark debates. Should tapped artifacts be off? Is mana burn a good thing? If I add a +1/+1 counter to Triskelion with Dwarven Weaponsmith, should the Trisk be able to throw the new counter the same way it can with its original arms?I then stumbled on Magic Twitter for a spell, and realized that people were already debating quite a bit. Not about the Damage Prevention Step, or whether or not you should be able to use mana from Basalt Monolith to untap Mana Vault, but more about some new promos and B&R updates in sanctioned Magic. So while the topics in my mind were clearly more interesting, it appears that the internet has had enough MtG think pieces for a few weeks. We all have a limited amount of honks to give after all. So let me instead tell you about my wedding back in 2017. Still here? I like your style. We're actually not gonna talk that much about …

The first Magic sleeves

Many Magic the Gathering players ask, is it worth it to buy sleeves?I wrote a bit about deck protectors once before. Back then I was on the hunt for the Chaos Orb puzzle; an early sales promotion by Ultra Pro to encourage players to use sleeves. The attitude towards "card condoms" was a different beast a quarter of a century ago. Many tournaments didn't even allow them, and most players didn't see the need. Some fancy people used playmats, and the rare perfectionist could try out the toploader or the penny sleeve used by baseball card collectors, but that was about it.In late 2017, about a year after I wrote the post on the puzzles, I got in contact with Frank Whittaker at Ultra Pro; a senior at the company who had been around during the early days of TCGs. He noted, "Not many people know, but we invented the Deck Protector and the Deck Box. Before us people used Toploaders to play card games. We also revolutionized collecting cards. Before our polypropylene pag…