Furuset Open: Vintage draft with the Beta Cube

Two weeks ago I had the chance to meet up with some NOSMTG locals for a cube draft tournament. August was a good month as social life goes. It almost feels like we're reaching a semblance of normality. Normality with extra steps, sure, but still a world of difference compared to the start of the summer.

This particular cube had two things I usually don't write about here; modern era cards and proxies. So why use proxies when we own all the cards in the cube for real, and why gather the local oldschool crew for a draft with modern cards when we have proper old school cubes in the team? Well, mostly because of the swagger.But anyway, this post will have both some new school and some proxies, so be advised if you feel like sitting this one out. Though on the flip side, we'll look at a truly impressive fan project from the hearts and mind of old school players, so there's that as well.
To better understand the general concept of the cube we drafted (The Beta Cube), let me…

DreamyDiamondWalls on the Jutland Ridge

Emil Thirup-Sorknæs is no stranger here this summer. A couple of months back he took us on a journey with singleton combo spice through the Danish Online Oldschool Magic (DOOM) series. And two weeks ago he did what few of us dare hope for anymore and unplugged his computer for a real-life physical showdown. An Oasis among the days of lockdown. And Emil knew to make the most of it, fooling the meta with a Wall-based Trick Deck. This is Emil's story from Jutland Ridge. Enjoy! /Mg out

I went for a tournament. No, not an online one. An actual real-life, physical, get-together-with-old-friends-and-new-and-play-some-cardboard-on-a-real-table kind of tournament. It was great! If not for the constant fear of the plague. No, it was actually just great.

It was the aptly named Mountains of Madness 2 on 22. August 2020 on the Jutland Ridge – Dollerup Bakker (if you have not been there, I strongly advise you to. It is the most beautiful place in Denmark).

Anyway. This was a tournament where so…

Arizona mailday

Yesterday I got the chance to play some IRL Magic again, this time drafting "The Beta Cube" over at Jhovalking's place in Oslo. It was a sweet gathering, and I plan to do a short write-up about the cube and tournament in the not too distant future. Before that however, I figured I could do a couple of short posts on some recent mail-days and other collection updates.

As the pandemic rages on and ordinary charity tournaments have been harder to set up, a bunch of heroes in the community have organized and contributed to charity auctions the last couple of months. Even original artists like Drew Tucker, Jesper Myrfors, Ken Meyer Jr and Liz Danford have joined in the efforts and donated artwork or exclusive collectibles for the causes. Earlier this month the Pacific Old School community gathered almost $10,000 to Equal Justice Initiative (EJI), Color of Change, and National Federation of Filipino American Association (NaFFAA) with their summer charity auction. Today's m…

Dwarven Warriors 3


Frog says to fish, "How's the water?"
Fish replies, "What's water?"

That story has repeated itself in my head a lot this year. A realization that I get blind to what I'm familiar with. Ask me 15 years ago about international Magic tournaments with casual competition, jovial players, flowing beer and glorious old decks - tournaments that are a party as much as a competition - and I'd thought of it a pipe dream. Then, imperceptibly over years, it becomes a natural and expected part of life. Weekly meet-ups at pubs, traveling around the continent slinging cards, limited only by the time I can spend on it in good conscious rather than any lack of opportunity to play. It turns to familiar ground, so I don't really reflect over how great and important it is. Not until it is removed, and I'm a fish out of water.

Six months is a pretty long time on dry land. I got some fix to survive the Easter with n00bcoM, but I also found that online pla…