The Accidental Pope Hat

A few weeks ago I managed to complete my Antiquities set. Score. The final piece of the puzzle was Urza's Miter. A good-looking yet highly mediocre card that just barely passes the Deep Water Test . The Deep Water Test: Would it be good if it cost zero to play and activate? Looking at the card, I can't help thinking about Bronze Calendar; one of my favorite joke-cards from the silver-bordered Unglued set. It may be my recently activated dad-joke gene, but I find it simply hilarious that the art depicts a colander rather than a calendar . Who would want a colander made out of bronze? And why on earth would such a thing let you cast spells cheaper? Then the utterly nonsensical yet grandiloquent flavor text expertly ties the madness together. While Bronze Calender's art is clearly a joke, there really was a handful cards from Magic's early days where the artist misunderstood what they were supposed to illustrate. The most famous of these is probably Hyalopterous Lemure fr

Pictures from Nordic Warrior Cup

We're back! I guess that technically we were back like three weeks ago, but I've been too busy playing actual Magic and traveling to actual tournaments to write stuff on ye olde blaggo. It's been physical games in Gothenburg, Oslo, Borås and Drammen since the last update. Real Magic. Accidentally stole the Paralyze Audun cast on my Wall of Brambles when he wanted to attack for lethal with a Control Magic'd Lord Magnus at a local pub meetup. That kind of Magic. I've also traded away cards for something like $15,000 in the last weeks. So trading is a thing again, and that could also be a post. I now have like 40 new Legends rares and completed a playset Workshops, among other shiny things. Gatherings beget cards changing hands, and old is exchanged for other old. And I got into my fourth BSK 93/94 top8, which I think puts me on a tie with Hannes "Beyonce" Löfgren for lifetime top8s on that particular tournament. Hannes also got his fourth BSK top8 this year,

Syphon Soul

The closing lines from my last - extremely content heavy - post saying that "next time we'll write about, let's say, Syphon Soul", was intended as a bit of a joke. I'm in the arduous process of collecting a Legends set and recently acquired a handful of missing commons, including said Syphon Soul, and the card was at the top of my head. But then I figured that, hey, Syphon Soul is an as interesting a card as any, and surely it deserves some real attention. Because in old magic, most every card has a story to tell. At first glance we see that Syphon Soul explores the concept of using black magic to steal the opponent's life force. This was first established in The Gathering with the card Drain Life. But where Drain Life had a very straight forward art and flavor (a man looking tired as his life essence is magically drained), Syphon Soul leaves a lot to our imagination. Who is that strange middle eastern wizard, and what's he doing? Did he capture the souls