2021 Retrospective

So, um, 2021 kinda sucked. "The Mold Demon of Years", if you will. Like, 2020 was certainly no tier1 year, but it was still in a sense new. 2021 was more like a grey limbo. Places and social gatherings was locked down for so long here that I'm not really sure what "normal" looks like anymore. All things considered, I think I'd argue that 2021 was the most boring year I've experienced thus far. Perhaps "The Hazduhr the Abbot of Years" is a more apt comparison. Maybe I'm being overly dramatic. And I guess my 2007 and 2014 would like a word before I give out that "meh" title on a personal level. But still, damn, I feel pretty good leaving this one behind. No shame in admitting we've seen better times, and that we're eager to work towards them again. I've listened to and read a good number of end-of-the-year retrospectives in the last weeks. All Tings Considered , Monster of the Week , and so on. Even a few of the o


The weekend before Christmas it was finally time again for the annual NOSMTG Christmas tournament in Oslo. Last time I went was two years ago, when the format was Brothers' Highlander and the world was pre-pandemic. Almost weird to look back at now. The pub we played in back then was run (and recently acquired) by a fellow player, and the idea was to start using that place as a more permanent hang-out for the Olso oldschool crew. Recurring tournaments and game nights and such. But instead the Covid restrictions had our friend sell his bar and fall back to more reliable sources of means. It's been a strange couple of years. Peace in our time. It was actually scarily close to being no Christmas Magic this year as well. Oslo opened up a couple of months ago, and life had been close to normal during most of the late autumn. But then the omicron variant happened and turned everything on its head. Bars closed, face masks in the grocery store, limited opening hours on schools and kin