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N00bcon roundup

I was planing on writing up a more interesting post to round up n00bcon. But writing exams took to much time, and now I feel that I just want to get it done. So Ill make a quick post about the standings in the pimpwalker race.

33 participants with a modifier of 5 gave about 165 points to fight over, with an additional point to everybody who participated since the format was 93/94. Every odd number have been rounded up in the distribution of points.

Top 8:
Final: Pefken vs Schram (pefken)
Semi1: Pefken vs Ferm (pefken)
semi2: Schram vs Jocke (Schram)
Kvart1: Jocke vs Myfz (jocke)
kvart2: Pefken vs Gustav (Pefken)
kvart3: Schram vs egget (Schram)
Kvart4: Ferm vs Nesid (Ferm)

Standing after the swiss was over

1: Pefken
2: Schram
3: Kristoffer Karlsson
4: Gustav Schmidt
5: Nesid
6: Almelund
7: Kalle n00b
8: Erik Ferm
9: Elof the Mighty       
10: ME! (aka cjva, aka Stalin)   
11: mg               
12: Roland           
13: Hagelpump           
14: Jockemon           
15: fork           
16: Gajol���������…