Wexio State Championships 2016

Sehl's 5-color Artifact Aggro. 1st place.
Mg's Undead Party Crasher. 2nd place.
Domeij's Electric Eel Aggro
Simon's UR Berserk


  1. I love the 5-color Artifact Aggro using 1 of each Dual Land. I have a feeling that was the backbone and inspiration for the design. It's great when decks add this kind of flavor and style (like 4 seasons of Mishra). There is an Art and "Feng Shui" to deck-building beyond curve and value, especially with 93/94. It's awesome to see that this deck took 1st place as well!

  2. What's the black disenchant all about? A there a story behind this?

    1. There's a story. I'll indulge in it sometime in the future :)

  3. Winner doesn't play black lotus? Card availability?


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