Moss 93/94 2015

Kalle's The Deck. 1st place.
Erland's The Burn Deck. 2nd Place.
Elof's Troll Disco. 3-4th place.
Thomas's Power Monolith. 3-4th place.
Brorsan's Stasis. 5-8th place.
JhovalKing's Power Monolith. 5-8th place.
JohanGuld's Erhnam Burn'em. 5-8th place.
Audun's Nether Void Ponza. 5-8th place.


  1. Please, if someone could identify the first and 4th cards in the left column of the Nether Void deck, I'd be grateful.

    Also, for those of you taking the pictures of your decks, if you can't take a top-down shot on the deck (the best view of all your cards) and you need to take it from an angle, please put the 4x cards with similar pictures up top and the less-obvious ones at the bottom so that we can figure out your list?
    Thank you.

  2. I think the first one is a Nevinyrral's Disk and the 4th one is a Jalum Tome. I magnified my laptop screen to 500% and still havea hard time figuring out what they are.

    1. That is correct :) from top: Nev Disk, Greed, Twist and Jalum


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