Old Dead Guy Ale

In the spring and summer of 2006, I hosted a bed and breakfast in San Francisco. The house was located on the corner of Bush and Webster Street in Pacific Heights. It was series of fairly odd circumstances that put me there, but anyway, there I was.

When you run a bed and breakfast, you have to get pretty familiar with the town you're in. Your guest will ask you not only about the common attractions like Alcatraz or Fisherman's Wharf, but also questions about which streets you should avoid during night time, and where you can find good food or good beer. I hence spent quite some time drifting around in the city to get to know it.

One place I found quickly was the Rogue Ales pub by Washington Square Park. This was a few years before we had easy access to any Rogue beers in Sweden (nor any other of the good American beers for that matter). I went into the pub, and had my first few Dead Guy Ales. I went for the Dead Guys Ales first, as they shared the name with Chris Pikula's Legacy deck from the first Legacy GP. I actually didn't know that there was a real beer with that name before I stepped into the pub.
It's hard to say if the beer is even better than the deck.
The Dead Guy deck is a Black/White creation which uses some discard and land destruction alongside rituals and effective creatures. While MonoBlack is a strong strategy in 93/94, the deck will struggle against cards like Circle of Protection: Black and Karma. The Dead Guy deck, on the other hand, can answer pretty much any permanent that comes in its way, and still gets to cast that first turn Juzam or Underworld Dreams. It's a very cool deck, and it hasn't been fully explored yet.
Myfz and Eneas
Magnus "Eneas" Nilsson sleeved up an old school Dead Guy deck for the last BSK. He ended up 8th in the swiss of the 40-player tournament. However, so did Kristoffer "Myfz" Karlsson, on identical tiebreakers. To decide who would play in the top8 they rolled a die, and Eneas lost the roll. He took it in good humour though, and was rewarded a Blaze of Glory signed by the top8 as a nod to his good fight (and abrupt end).
This should be the start of a tradition for players in 9th place.
His deck looks really sweet, and I hope to see some more Dead Guy tech in the future:
The pub has been booked and the stage has been set for n00bcon 7 btw! The tournament will take place in Gothenburg, April 3rd. I'll update with some more info in the coming week. Feel free to send me a mail or comment here if you're non-Swedish and want to play in the possibly sweetest 93/94 tournament of the year ;)


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