n00bcon preparations

It's getting close. We are now 43 players signed up for n00bcon. I wouldn't be shocked if this is the largest tournament that that allows Moxen in Sweden for the last five years. When we consider the fact that the tournament pretty much has zero price support apart from honor, this says something sweet about the people who will play.

So what have we done this week in preparations? The pins are fixed, and I'm very happy about the service. When I first got them, there had been a misunderstanding about the layout. I sent an e-mail to CosmicWhale, who made the pins, and they sent me a new batch for free within a week. I used them for the pins last year as well, and if you're Swedish and for any reason wants to create pins or other merch, they have my highest recommendations. Professional, friendly, and reasonably priced :)

Old batch to the left, actual pins on the right.
I went to the pub last Friday to check out the selection and table spaces. It will be crowded, but the selection of imperial stouts from De Molen will help us make it comfortable.

Oh, that Tsarina Esra. Possibly even better than Rasputin.
One thing I actually spent quite a lot of time on after work the last two weeks is to create my own Magic drinking cube. I read about a "boozecube" on the web a few weeks ago, and though that the idea sounded brilliant. I however though that the execution of the existing cube was lacking;  the cards were kind of unbalanced, and also seemed misogynistic and too much into popular culture for my taste. The idea is still something I'd like to try though, so I made my own cube. Turns out it is kind of hard to make a balanced drinking cube, but I feel pretty good about it given the time. If you're coming to n00bcon/Gothcon and want to try it out, send me a mail :)

First pick Ashnod's Coupon
On the Old School side of things, I've got three new cards for Project M for n00bcon. Can't wait to slam my Relic Barrier :)

Upping the red sources for Sol'Kanar!
I'll be picking up the n00bcon trophies from the engraver tomorrow. After that, my girlfriend will be travelling up to Stockholm to celebrate Easter with her parents, and I'll be home alone, on vacation, in Gothenburg. I and Team Squattlehaups will be doing some teching tomorrow evening, and I'll be sure to update this blog frequently this week with updates on the coming world championship. I hope to be able to do some liveblogging between the rounds on Saturday as well.

Also, saving some big news for last, there will be an Old School tournament in Berkeley the 18th of May! Berkeley have some real history about the game, and I think that anyone who is interested in the format and have a chance to join should check it out. The Berkeley tournament will allow Fallen Empires and Revised, so the threshold to enter is much lower if you're just curious about testing the format. I'll try to get the players at n00bcon to sign some random card and send it over to the tournament hosts as a bonus price (if you're interested) as well. I also hope to get some sweet pictures (and maybe even a tournament report ;)) from the event. Check it out at http://www.eudogames.com/magic/norcal-old-school-magic.


  1. If you guys can record any of the matches, it would be fantastic! Watching Old School magic is almost as fun as playing Old School magic!

  2. w00p w00p! 8D



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